Double Trouble: Woman Gets Pregant While Already Pregnant

smellie_twinsForget what you learned in Sex-ed 101. Apparently you can indeed get pregnant while you are already knocked up.  But it is something that is that’s rare. Freakishly rare.

A woman in Arkansas went into her doctors office for a routine ultrasound to check on her confirmed pregnancy. After finding the initial pregnancy a girl – the doctors discovered another smaller fetus growing beside her – a boy.
Doctors are estimating that the boy who they are calling Hudson may have been conceived about two and half weeks after the initial impregnation. The second smaller baby was so much smaller than the larger one that they are assuming that they are different gestational ages.

The two babies will have different due dates and aren’t really twins, they just happen to be cohabitating mom’s womb at the same time. But confirmation of this medical miracle won’t be confirmed until after the babies are born and there can be chromosomal and metabolic studies.

Do you think the second is just a tiny twin or could actually have been conceived at a later date?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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