Doubly Delightful: Dad Lovingly Captures Precious Twin Girls on Film (PHOTOS)

Everyone is human, of course, but does anyone out there think twins aren’t just a little more fascinating than other humans? Who doesn’t want to stare endlessly when they see identical twins (or, if you’re lucky enough to spot them, triplets)? Their resemblances are other-worldly — especially when they’re little and so sweetly alike? It’s just that much more captivating.

When Geoff Black‘s wife was pregnant with their twin girls Jamisen and Jacksen, he was determined to do better than the point-and-shoot pictures their friends had of their own kids.

“We’re buying a real camera and I’m gonna figure out how to use it,” he said to his wife, according to My Modern Met. “I bought a Nikon D90 when she was seven months pregnant. I knew nothing about photography and was in for a very steep learning curve. Fourteen cameras later, and here I am. ”

Where he is is actually scores of intimate and sweet pictures deep of his beautiful little girls, from birth to the preschool years. Instead of going digital, though, he goes old-school and uses actual film. So without having the luxury of the same kind of trial and error you have when you’re not paying for each frame, Black exercises patience when shooting his girls. And the occasional jelly-bean bribe doesn’t hurt, either.

His goal, he told My Modern Met, is to show their characters within the reality of our daily lives without it being mundane.”

The result is doubly delightful. Take a look at some of his shots:

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All photos used with permission from Geoff Black

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