Down Syndrome Awareness Video Celebrates Maddox Lucille, Promotes Acceptance

Maddox Lucille Down Syndrome YouTube viral video
Maddox Lucille and mom in YouTube viral video

This little girl is beyond sweet. Her mom is caring and wonderful. Together, they hope to increase awareness of Down Syndrome and promote acceptance.

Maddox’s mom helps her 2-year-old daughter hold up index cards that tell her story — that her doctors bet against her and she’s proven them wrong, that she’s a smart kid, and that she works hard to have the same opportunities as her friends.

On their family blog, Maddox’s mom explains how she came to write the message in the video for her daughter’s second birthday.

Here’s just an excerpt of the note cards:

“My name is Maddox Lucille.
I’m two years old and I have a gambling problem.
You see, when I was born the doctors bet that my heart would murmur.
They lost, I won.
There is no murmur.”

“The doctors also bet my muscles would be weak and my development would be slow.
I won that bet too. I can walk and talk.
Those doctors also put money on the idea that I wouldn’t be as smart as “normal children”
I really hit the jackpot here.
How many other 2 year olds know 70 different words in American Sign Language?”

“I defeated those odds because I am here for a purpose. (A purpose my mom struggles to understand some days.)
Mom doesn’t know that I am here to help teach the world about down syndrome.
Just because my face and body is shaped different doesn’t mean that my hopes and dreams are any different.
Everyday I wake up with a determination to beat the odds society has placed against me.
The reality is, it doesn’t matter how hard I work.

It matters how hard you work.
I bet you can accept me for the beautiful, smart, talented, driven little girl I am. And believe in all that I want to be.
I bet you can teach people to stop using hurtful words.
I bet you can teach others to follow suit.

So, do you agree that I have a gambling problem?
You bet your life I do.”

Maddox is such a beautiful little girl with a joyful smile that lights up the room and I love the moments she shares with her mom in the video.

As Maddox’s mom writes on their website: “We are doing it! We are making a difference. Thank you viewers for sharing and passing our video along.

Since posting, Maddox has received an overwhelming response of birthday wishes, prayers, and thoughtful comments. We are extremely blessed to have been a part of the most precious birthday gift ever.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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