Dr. Laura, Facebook "Panic Button," and More

You’ve taken some amazing vacation photos this summer, why hide them inside a photo album?  The Stir has some great ideas for putting your favorite photos on display in a big way.

Dr. Laura is being slammed for using a racial slur on her controversial radio show.  But NPR argues that until we stop giving power to certain words, people like Dr. Laura will continue to wield them to manipulate emotions and draw attention to themselves.  How do you feel about this issue?

Ellyn Satter, who says that it’s a parent’s job to offer good, nutritious food and a child’s job to decide what and how much to eat, has created a hierarchy of food — interesting stuff.  Aside:  I think Satter is a genius. — Jezebel

The “panic button” added to teen users’ Facebook pages in the UK has led to an increase of arrests for child exploitation.  Over 200 people have used the button to date. — NY Post

The recession has had a big impact on how families spend their money.  Momma Said has five ways that parents are getting more bang for their buck — including a new reliance on coupons, discount codes, and more refined shopping habits.

Amy Graff at the Mommy Files says that she hates to ruin the party, but some bounce houses contain unsafe levels of lead.  Until this issue is sorted out, parents can reduce risk by making sure kids wash their hands well after playing in inflatables.

Photo: Phil Konstantin

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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