Drawing Hope: Artist Helps Sick Kids Turn Their Dreams Into Reality Through Photos

The Drawing Hope Project
The Drawing Hope Project

His name is Jack and he’s just one of dozens of sick children who have been able to see their artistic fantasies transformed into reality by a Canadian photographer.

Shawn Van Daele turns the drawings of sick children into real life photos of them living out their wildest fantasies.

He tells TODAY he started his Drawing Hope Project  after he turned a drawing he made for his grandmother into a real life photo. The idea hit him that he could do that for others who needed inspiration, so he contacted hospitals and connected with children and their parents who might be interested in his project.

Word spread quickly. Now Van Daele creates photos for children waiting for organ transplants, others with heart defects, cancer, “and every other kind of rare disease you could imagine,” he tells TODAY.

So far he’s worked with about 30 families and says the reactions of both the children and their parents is invaluable.

“Seeing the children’s reactions to having their imaginations come to life is priceless — and for the parents, seeing their children full of hope and life is a real gift that I’ve been blessed with being able to give them.”

Anyone who gives their own time or talent to help sick children is a saint. Sure we all think it’s a great thing, but how many of us actually walk the walk and talk the talk? Not many. So, if you’re like me and often think of how you’d like to help but never actually do it, maybe you can kick in a few bucks to help keep The Drawing Hope Project going.

Van Daele offers his art free of charge but has started a gofundme page where you can help donate so he can keep the project going. So far he’s raised almost half of his $5,000 goal.

For more information on Drawing Hope or to see more of Van Daele’s awesome artwork log onto his website or follow on Facebook.

Image: Shawn Van Daele/Drawing Hope

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