Drew Brees' Names His Baby, With A Lot of Help From Twitter

Drew Brees, with his son Baylon, got baby name ideas from Twitter
Drew Brees, with his son Baylon, got baby name ideas from Twitter

The new addition to football player Drew Brees family has a name: Bowen Christopher Brees.

The football star isn’t saying if the name came from one of the over 6,000 suggestions he and his wife got from Twitter. A few weeks ago he asked the Twitterverse for baby names starting with ‘b’. And got enough to fill an entire baby name book.

I’m hardly one to throw stones about how to choose a baby name. I got mine from dreams and pop culture and dead relatives, just like my parents named me and my sister.

Want to get your baby name ideas from Twitter? Sure! Twitter’s a treasure trove of information. You’ll just have sort through a lot of hay to find your shiny needle.

Twitter is maybe the closest thing the world has ever had to a true group mind. Want to know the great baby boy names that start with ‘b’? There are tons of baby books, websites and family albums to tell you. But Twitter can give you the one that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, today. It’s a unique gauge of mental weather.

In contrast, Babble’s Baby Names section brings some order to the chaos. Someone’s already sorted a lot of the names for you, and given you meanings and popularity stats to go with them.

What do you prefer for choosing a baby name? The chaos of Twitter, or a guided tour of potentional names? A combination of both? Something else entirely?

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