Driver’s License, Dating or Facebook: President Obama’s Biggest Fears For His Daughters

Sway Calloway interviews President Obama in the Oval Office.

Yes, he’s the president of the United States, but he’s also a parent just like you and me, which means he has the same fears that we do.

Recently, the president sat down with MTV’s Sway Calloway for a 30-minute live interview. As The Huffington Post reports, Obama talked about his role as dad.

When Sway, a father himself, asked Obama whether he is more worried about his eldest daughter Malia, 14, dating, driving or going on Facebook, Obama was quick to answer.

“I’d worry about Facebook right now,” Obama said.  I know the folks at Facebook, obviously they’ve revolutionized, you know, the social networks. But Malia, because she’s well known, I’m very keen on her protecting her privacy.”

He realizes she might get one when she’s older, but says now is not the right time.

“She can make her own decisions, obviously, later, as she gets older, but right now, even just for security reasons, she doesn’t have a Facebook page. Dates, that’s fine, ’cause she’s got Secret Service protection,” he added. “Driver’s license, that always worries a parent. But you know, sooner or later they’ve got to leave the nest, so we’ll have to figure out how she gets the license.”

What do you think? Obviously there is no secret service following your dating daughters, so do you agree? Is Facebook one of your top worries as a parent to teens? Are your kids on Facebook? How much do you monitor their online activities?

Check out Obama discussing Facebook and his daughters in the video below:

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