Drop-crotch Skinny Jeans: The New Mom Jeans? (Photos)

drop crotch saggy skinny jeans
Sagging crotch + skinny jeans = fashion?

Are these saggy crotch jeans the new mom jeans?

I just died a little bit when I found out these are completely serious. No joke.

Why on earth would you care to accentuate any part of yourself as saggy? The skinny-legged part, I get. The saggy butt and crotch? I haven’t a clue.

It’s one of those things that seems too crazy to be true, but it’s a real thing. Snag yourself a pair of these sweet jeans from for the sale price of $94.80 (marked down from $158 — a bargain!).

These aren’t your mama’s mom jeans — they’re a little more urban and hip — plus it’s the style of choice for the likes of celebs like Justin Bieber.

So yeah, just a little bit ridiculous for the mom set, I’d say, but yet they’re being marketed to ladies.

These may be ridiculously comfortable for all I know, but I don’t fancy myself wanting to look like I’m wearing a saggy full diaper, either.

I’ll stick to yoga pants, thanks.

The only plus I can find to this saggy style is that you’ll never have to worry about camel toe.

Yeah, I said it.

  • Drop crotch skinny jeans 1 of 5
    Drop crotch skinny jeans
    Skinny jeans and a drop crotch all rolled into one?
  • Um… comfort? 2 of 5
    Um... comfort?
    This model looks awkward about her sagging crotch, don't you think?
  • Skinny… yet saggy 3 of 5
    Skinny... yet saggy
    Best of both worlds?
  • Oh so stylish 4 of 5
    Oh so stylish
    Wow, is this an area we want to show as saggy?
  • New mom jeans? 5 of 5
    New mom jeans?
    Saggy crotched skinny jeans are so hideous, the model won't even show her face.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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