Drugstore vs. Designer Makeup

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    1. Clinique Concealer, $16, and Foundation, $23

    Drugstore vs. Designer Makeup: Clinique Concealer I have combination skin which means its oily and dry in different places on my face with reddish marks sprinkled throughout, particularly in the outer corners of my eyes and around my nostrils. Clinique concealers and foundations come in various shades for different skin types, so its wise to try them out at the counter before deciding which is best for you. The Clinique All About Eyes Concealer (01 Light Neutral) did an excellent job hiding my red splotches and the Superbalanced Makeup Foundation (28 light) evened out my skin tone. A tip the saleswoman gave me: Purchase foundation one shade darker than your concealer so the concealer is light enough to conceal under eye circles, but the foundation evens everything out. Ill admit, I put A LOT on, but it didnt look or feel like pancake makeup. Id definitely recommend it.

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    2. Urban Decay Naked Palette, $50

    Drugstore vs. Designer Makeup: Urban Decay I have long been a fan of the smoky eye that Kim Kardashian has turned into a science, and Urban Decays Naked Palette of eye shadow was absolutely my favorite purchase, hands down. It includes 12 beautiful shades ranging from Virgin and Naked to the very charcoal Creep and Gunmetal. Though there are a bazillion YouTube tutorials for getting the smoky eye effect using this palette, somehow my eyes didnt look as awesome as the girl, all of 16-years-old, doing the tutorial. Still, I think I could nail this look with some practice, and the Naked Palette is so versatile, the combinations are endless. The palette also comes with a bottle of eyelash primer to help make your eyes stand out even more.

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    3. M.A.C. 31 Lash False Eyelashes, $15, DUO Adhesive, $8

    Drugstore vs. Designer Makeup: M.A.C. 31 Lash False Eyelashes Every attempt at applying false eyelashes in my life has ended in abject failure. Im talking the lashes-glued-to-my-eyebrows kind of failure. The one time I managed to secure false eyelashes to my eyelid, they were crooked. So I spent some time Googling terms like easy-to-apply false eyelashes and best false eyelash adhesive and ended up purchasing M.A.C. 31 Lash false eyelashes. I was looking for something to thicken and extend my own lashes without looking super obvious, and I got exactly what I wanted. The adhesive declared the best by most of the Internet, DUO Eyelash Adhesive, worked fantastically. (It even worked for someone as clumsy as me!) My suggestion: Get the dark adhesive instead of the clear, because a lot of folks say clear dries white, whereas the dark adds to your lash line like eyeliner.

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    4. Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara, $8

    Drugstore vs. Designer Makeup: Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara I recently went on a hunt for a mascara that won't remind me of my moms pink and green Maybelline wand. I wanted something sexy and new something just for me. I tried a slew of designer brands from Hard Candy to LOreal and guess what? Maybelline Full N Soft in Very Black blows them out of the water. Im sure if I took an even more expensive route, I might be pleasantly surprised. But, yall? Unless it curls and grows my lashes, mascara shouldnt be more than $10.

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    5. NARS Highlighting Bronzing Blush Duo, $41

    Drugstore vs. Designer Makeup: NARS Highlighting Bronzing Blush Duo I was on the lookout for a blush and bronzer-type item I could use to create naturally rosy, dare I say, sun-kissed cheeks. Theres a lot of hubbub surrounding the NARS blush in Orgasm (go figure) so I decided to try it out. Everyone is on to something. The shimmery pink color creates just the right flushed look, and the bronzer, Laguna, creates chiseled cheekbones. You can also dust it all over your face for a radiant appearance. Ive found the cure for my winter blahs.

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    6. Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm, $7

    Drugstore vs. Designer Makeup: Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm As a mom of two very young kids, I consider it a triumph if I manage to curl my lashes and slap on some Chapstick in the morning. So when I wanted a lip gloss recommendation, I went to my blog readers for suggestions. I chose to try the Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose because a couple bloggers I trust raved about it. The tint is a beautifully natural berry color thats perfect for light makeup days when youre running errands, going to the gym, or just lounging around the house. You could even use it for a natural look on a date night, especially when you do a heavier eye.

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    7. Hard Candy Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine, $6

    Drugstore vs. Designer Makeup: Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm I prefer lip gloss over lipstick, because its lighter, shinier, and not as difficult to reapply. Out of myriad color options for Hard Candy Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine, I chose Gossip, because I feel more comfortable in pinks than in reds. Ill definitely wear this every day and even nights when Im getting gussied up for my fella. Its creamy and gives the va-va voom that a tinted lip balm just doesn't provide.

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