Duggar Family Expecting 20th Child – Who's Raising the Kids? (VIDEO)

As a general rule, I try not to judge how anyone chooses to live their life … (this goes for breastfeeding/bottle-feeding, vaccinations, the move to organic foods, etc.) but gosh, Duggar family, you make it so hard when you Must.Announce.Every.Pregnancy.On.Television. You literally invite people to judge your family when you make it a prime-time event.

In truth, I have always been jealous of big families. I used to long for extra siblings and holidays packed with people, but I can’t help but wonder … now that the Duggars have so many children, who is raising them? Who is spending quality time with them? I’ve heard Michelle Duggar say it works out because they get one-on-one time at the grocery store and she home-schools … but how do you provide the appropriate schooling AND attention AND love for each individual child?

I’ve heard friends joke how much of a help their older children are when they have 4 and 5 kids … so just how much do you rely on the nurturing of your older children when caring for your 13th and 14th, your 15th and 16th?  I think THIS is the part that makes the least sense to me.  Yes … every child is a blessing. And many people are thrilled for the Duggars. But is it possible for each of these 20 children to get everything they need from YOU as a parent?




Article Posted 5 years Ago

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