Dukan Diet: Are My Kids On It?

This is what my kids' diets looked like this week.

Our kids have been out of school this week on Spring Break, which always presents its fair share of challenges — meals being one of them. There’s something about not having the structure of school which makes it harder for us to provide our kids a healthy breakfast before and a sensible dinner after their time of learning. Not to even mention the fact that we’re on the hook for one extra meal per day, what with lunch duties suddenly bestowed upon us.

So their diets have gone south. Or have they gone abroad to France via the Dukan diet? The longer I watch my kids eat their way through the week, the more I’m starting to wonder.

I was reading a bit on ABC yesterday about Kate Middleton and her preparation for the royal wedding. For a friend. I was reading that article for a friend. Who, um, is very excited for the event but can’t…read. Yeah. Can’t read. So I read the article to him. I mean her. I read the article to her.

Anyway, it discussed the rumor that Kate Middleton is undergoing the Dukan diet to get her body “wedding ready.” The diet has four stages: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. And during the attack stage, there is a high protein concentration that yields “quick weight loss.”

And given that my toddlers have basically lived off of chicken fingers this week, I’m starting to wonder if they’re not on the diet. Only instead of “wedding ready,” I suppose it’d be more like “wetting ready.” In the Dukan diet, vegetables are added during the “cruise” stage. Which got me thinking about the way my triplets eat veggies.

Whenever we put some on their trays, there’s a strong chance at least some of those vegetables will be “cruising” through the air. I’m not sure what the consolidation and stabilization phases consist of, but they sound good to me. Particularly the stabilization phase. We’d love some added stability around here.

I would have looked those phases up, but despite being secretly concerned my kids are on the Dukan diet, I’m not so interested in learning more about it. For it sounds kinda drastic, in my book. And if Kate Middleton is really on it, my question is why? She’s 5’10” and weighs a scant 120 pounds! Is this a diet fad that is about to sweep the nation that we should be concerned about? One that might inadvertently promote body image issues?

It’s hard for me to say without knowing more. For now, all I know is that I’m ready for school to be back in session. Because, undoubtedly, my kids’ diets will become better and more well rounded and we can get off this chicken-finger bender that we’re currently on.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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