Dumb Dad Uses 7-Month-Old Son As a Shield During Escape Attempt

Raleigh Reynolds won't be winning any Dad of the Year contests any time this century.
Raleigh Reynolds won’t be winning any Dad of the Year contests any time this century.

There are bad dads and there are BAD DADS.

Oregon dad, Raleigh Reynolds, is of the latter grouping. As KPIC reports, he tried to use his 7-month-old son as a shield to avoid arrest over the weekend.

Once you’ve used your son as a shield to avoid cops, well, that’s pretty much your legacy, dude. You can spend the rest of your life making amends and you’re always going to be The Guy That Used His Baby As A Shield. Go ahead, get it engraved on a headstone. Just ask Justin Farnham. He’s the guy who left his 2-year-old son alone in a hot car so he could take in the latest Batman showing at the Century 16 Cineplex.

Apparently Reynolds was fleeing the scene of an alleged burglary. He barricaded himself in his sister’s house and refused to leave as police surrounded him. Eventually, cops say, he came out of the house holding a baby in front him, later revealed to be his 7-month-old son. Police say he “positioned the child as a shield between himself and the deputies.”

Negotiators were eventually able to convince Reynolds to hand the unharmed infant over to authorities, and he was promptly arrested. It may not surprise you to learn this wasn’t Reynold’s first brush with the law. In March this genius was arrested for “butt dialing” 911 during a drug deal.

So the next time your husband is ignoring your kids while he checks his Facebook messages just remember good ol’ butt-dialing Raleigh Reynolds. You’ll feel better in no time.

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