Dying Dad’s Heartbreaking and Amazing Surprise For Daughters (PHOTOS)

Sometimes things happen in life that fill me with the awesomeness of the human spirit. This story is one of those times. I warn you, though, for all its beauty and awesomeness it will also make you cry.

Fotolanthropy is a site that helps people who have overcome adversity capture and share their stories through photography and film and then tell those stories to inspire others.

Fred Evans, 62, was  recovering from a double lung transplant when doctors discovered metastatic melanoma. Because of the medications he was taking to keep his body from rejecting his new lugs, Fred was unable to endure much chemotherapy to treat the cancer.

He was given months to live.

Fred and his wife Karla have four children. Three daughters and one son. Two of the daughters, Gracie and Kate, are not married. But Fred was determined that that wouldn’t keep him from walking his girls down the aisle. So his oldest daughter, Martha, and his wife helped Fred plan a special day for the two women.

Gracie and Kate were told their dad had something special planned for them and were each given a different time to arrive at the chapel. When they arrived their dad greeted them wearing a tuxedo and, as told on Fotolanthropy, “gave them each a bouquet and told them just in case he would not be there the day they get married, he wanted to walk them down the aisle and give them his blessing.”

The girls were stunned and touched as is evident in the photos below. Each girl walked down the aisle with her dad as a special song played, their immediate family watching. At the alter Fred gave each of them away and then the family circled them to pray over their future marriages.

You guys, I’m a mess after looking at these photos. Can you imagine what an impact this will have on those girls and how powerful Fred’s presence will be on the day they actually get married?

Fred’s surprises didn’t end with his daughters. After he walked them down the aisle Fred announced he wanted to renew his vows with his wife, Karla. He gave her her own bouquet and the couple renewed their vows.

Fred Evans passed away July 25, 2013.

All photos used with permission from Fotolanthropy

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