Earth Day: Nature Adventures Through the Eyes of Disney (Videos)

Disney has always been at the leading edge of documenting the wonders of nature. Walt Disney himself was a great nature lover and won a fist full of Academy Awards® back in the 40’s and 50’s for his nature films including Seal Island, The Living Desert and The Vanishing Prairie. Today, that rich tradition lives on at Disneynature!

On this Earth Day, 2013, sit back and enjoy these breathtaking videos clips and still photographs from the brave, dedicated, patient, and creative folks at Disneynature. Enjoy and Happy Earth Day!

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  • Wings of Life: Monarchs 2 of 19
    Wings of Life: Monarchs
    Wings of Life is the most recent release from Disneynature...

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Wings of Life 3 of 19
    Wings of Life
    Narrated by Meryl Streep, Wings of Life takes a stunningly up-close look at birds, bees, bats, and butterflies both in flight and from a flowers-eye view.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Wings of Life: Hummingbird 4 of 19
    Wings of Life: Hummingbird
    Amazing Wings of Life footage includes state of the art slow motion photography. Don't miss this incredible video clip:

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature

  • African Cats 5 of 19
    African Cats
    This Disney True Life Adventure follows the lives of Mara, a lion cub, Sita, a cheetah with five cubs, and Fang, a proud leader of the pride in a story of survival in the African savanna.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • African Cats: Fast Sita 6 of 19
    African Cats: Fast Sita
    Built for speed, the swift-footed Sita stretches out in pursuit of her prey.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • African Cats 7 of 19
    African Cats
    In the clip below, the savanna shimmers with life in the vast grandeur of wild Africa.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature

  • Bears 8 of 19
    Due to be released in time for Earth Day, 2014, Bears follows two mother bears as they teach their cubs to survive in the vast and beautiful Katmai National Park, Alaska. I can't wait!

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Bears Photographer 9 of 19
    Bears Photographer
    This brave photographer would make Merida proud!

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Bears Bonding 10 of 19
    Bears Bonding
    Mother and daughter rest in the high grass of Katmai National Park, Alaska. Get a sneak peek at Bears in the clip below.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature

  • Chimpanzee 11 of 19
    Chimpanzee features intelligent, resourceful, little Oscar as he works to learn and grow in the deep African forest.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Chimpanzee Snuggles 12 of 19
    Chimpanzee Snuggles
    Oscar cuddles with another member of the troop.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Oscar 13 of 19
    Oscar's ingenuity and survival instincts will astound you. Watch him below.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature

  • Earth’s Polar Paws 14 of 19
    Earth's Polar Paws
    Earth features a family of polar bears, a family of whales,...

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Elephant 15 of 19
    ...and a family of elephants.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Earth 16 of 19
    These three animal families take an amazing journey in Earth. See the clip below.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature

  • Oceans 17 of 19
    Cutting edge filmmaking takes you under the sea to swim next to sharks, whales, dolphins, and other fantastic sea creatures.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Capturing Oceans 18 of 19
    Capturing Oceans
    A scuba diving photographer swims among friends.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature
  • Oceans 19 of 19
    This turtle grazes on the ocean floor with a passenger on his back. Happy Earth Day! Enjoy the clip and find out about the giveaway below.

    Photo credit: ©Disneynature

    If you like what you see, go check out the Wings of Life DVD giveaway here. But don't wait, giveaway ends today 4/22/2013.


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