Earthquake In New Zealand Hits, Just As Harold Camping Predicted?

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New Zealand's Kermadec Islands saw a 6.1 earthquake, but did Harold Camping accurately predict?

While Harold Camping’s proclamation of the rapture coming May 21, 2011, it’s safe to say we have all survived. We did not see Judgement Day and most families today are thankfully still making plans for the school and work week ahead.

Most people jokingly referred to the world ending on Facebook and Twitter but went on with their regular schedules. While some had end of the world parties, while others made end of the world confessions, radio DJs played R.E.M.’s “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” about a million times.

But still no doomsday.

Yet one of Camping’s prophecies has come true. New Zealand did have an earthquake today according to the United States Geological Service.

USC reports that a 6.1 earthquake occurred on the the islands of Kermadec:

The 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck the uninhabited islands on Sunday at 9 a.m., New Zealand time. The islands are about 500 miles northeast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Since the islands are about 500 miles northeast, the quake clearly did no damage to the North Island.

So while some may think that Camping’s earthquake prediction for New Zealand did kinda come true, there’s two things wrong with it.

First of all, thank goodness no one was hurt and the quake hit an island that was uninhabited. Secondly, while it is May 21 here, the earthquake technically hit May 22 in New Zealand.

Like today’s volcano in Iceland which some speculated might be the start of the rapture, this seems to be another case of pure coincidence. Earthquakes are quite common in New Zealand anyway. My kids have been saying all week how something will happen that will cause people to proclaim that Camping’s predictions were somehow related. Their teachers have been reassuring them all week that they will indeed see them all on Monday.

To the majority of us, today has been an event to snicker about and have fun with. So it looks like tomorrow will be back to business as usual. And luckily, no zombie sightings have been reported anywhere!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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