Easter: 15 Ridiculously Adorable, Awesome & Odd Easter Cards of Yore

I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired this Easter season. I haven’t procured all the goodies for my daughter’s basket, hell, I don’t even have a basket (hers was accidently destroyed during some rather raucous post sugar high hi-jinx last year). On top of that, I have yet to plan out Easter dinner (ham or lamb?), haven’t gotten the plastic eggs for our annual Easter egg hunt and do not even joke about an Easter bonnet. We don’t have that either.

I blame my lack of Easter effort on working too much, travel, and just being one of those ridiculously busy moms. I am at a point now that I am having pangs of guilt for not doing my motherly duty and providing the Easter magic my daughter loves so much.  To get myself – and perhaps you – in the mood here are 15 of the cutest old vintage Easter images out there. It’s like an injection of Easter inspiration (that I so totally need right now).

Check them out here:

  • Dancing Easter Egg Bunnies 1 of 15
    Dancing Easter Egg Bunnies
    When I look at this image I can't help but imagine them performing "One" from a Chorus Line. Yes, that may haunt me for a while.
    Image Source: McKells Closet
  • Chick Power 2 of 15
    Chick Power
    Some may use horses or dogs for transport, but this odd hat wearing wee ones uses chick power. Love the illustration style of this one.
    Image Source: The Vintage Workshop
  • Rabbit Waiter 3 of 15
    Rabbit Waiter
    If you were served by him, you know you'd tip big.
    Image Source: Beautiful Century
  • Chicks and Rabbit Dance Party 4 of 15
    Chicks and Rabbit Dance Party
    The size issue aside (rabbits are far bigger than chicks), one wonders what would happen if their species mated. An interesting pairing for sure.
    Image Source: Bella Cozy
  • Bunny Art 5 of 15
    Bunny Art
    Yup, that is one talented bunny.
    Image Source: Silver Collecting Blog
  • The Bunny Band 6 of 15
    The Bunny Band
    And apparently in Easter card fantasy land, bunnies don't just paint, they play music too.
    Image Source: JuJus Musing
  • Uh-Oh 7 of 15
    I know this is supposed to be just cute, but I can't help thinking these kittens are going to pounce on that little chick and make a meal out of him.
    Image Source: JuJus Musing
  • Egg Love 8 of 15
    Egg Love
    They make a cute couple, no?
    Image Source: Silver Collecting Blog
  • Chick Blimp 9 of 15
    Chick Blimp
    I would have loved to have been in the pitch meeting for this card. "Okay, so we have a card with a dozen chicks climbing into a blimp with strands of flowers, perfect for Easter, right?" I get the chicks, but what is up with the blimp?
    Image Source: Postcard Roundup
  • Hat Plants 10 of 15
    Hat Plants
    A fashionista's dream. Plants that grow accessories, in this case it's hats.
    Image Source: Flick River
  • Special Delivery 11 of 15
    Special Delivery
    I would pay really good money to have this family show up at our doorstep on Easter morning.
    Image Source: Flick River
  • Bunny Girl! 12 of 15
    Bunny Girl!
    I much prefer this bunny girl to one of Hugh Hefner's.
    Image Source: Bella Cozy
  • When a Bunny Goes a Courtin’ 13 of 15
    When a Bunny Goes a Courtin'
    I wondered earlier about what a chick/bunny hybrid would look like. But if these two mated? I so can't even imagine.
    Image Source: My Lot
  • So That’s Where Babies Come From 14 of 15
    So That's Where Babies Come From
    If babies were born from eggs. Yeah, freaky.
    Image Source: Ewenique
  • Or if Babes Were Born from Eggs 15 of 15
    Or if Babes Were Born from Eggs
    And not just babies, how about babes?
    Image Source: eBay

Above Image via Bella Cozy

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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