Ecards, Someecards, Blue Mountain Cards: Tacky or Classy?

It’s Valentine’s Day. Do you know where your greeting cards are?

If you’ve neglected that little project again this year, the Internet has you covered. You can send e-cards! There’s a whole lot to choose from, ranging from the cute, customizable ones at Smilebox to the humorous ones at Someecards.

E-cards have come a long way since the gritty long-stemmed image of a rose I received in a college Valentine a long time ago. You can spice yours up with your own photos, videos and soundtracks. They’re little works of art.

Before you hit send on one though, pause. Is this a sweet gesture? Fun for the family? Or does nothing say “I forgot all about you till the very last minute” like sending an electronic greeting card?

I’m no etiquette expert, so I turned to The Internet for help with this one. According to CBS’s “what would Emily Post do?” digital etiquette guide, e-cards are fine as long as you’re classy about it and use a legit service like Blue Mountain or Hallmark. The Washington Post has a nice round-up of available services.

While an e-card may be fine, I think the audience matters a lot. My kids will be tickled to get an animated e-card from me. My mom, on the other hand, might feel neglected that I didn’t take the time to send a paper card. And while my husband might be amused by the gesture, that had better not be his only Valentine from me (except that we don’t celebrate this holiday, but that’s a whole other post).

I had thought e-cards were hopelessly tacky in 2011, a gesture that just screams “I forgot to send you a card and PS – it’s still 1999, right?”

But doing a little research suggests they can be a classy, cool way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Do you send e-cards for Valentine’s Day? Or any holiday? Do you like getting them?

Photo: someecards

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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