Edit Those Family Photos! Best Free Photo Editing Software

The tree at our house after Santa delivered the presents. This was done with Instagram, obviously.

So, the presents were all unwrapped, the feast was devoured, the games played, the family squabbles reenacted… Christmas is over, and if you’re anything like me you probably have a big ol’ bunch of photos to go through and edit.

Sure, photoshopping your families memories might seem like cheating but the truth is sometimes photos simply are too dark or have wrapping paper trash in the corners of the frame.

So how do you get your photos album-worthy? Here are the top five free photo editing softwares. Just a reminder: several of these softwares are free, but the creators accept donations. If you like the software, consider donating!


  • GIMP 1 of 5
    More than any other, this free editing software comes recommended by folks I know that really know photography. GIMP stands for "GNU Image Manipulation Program" and it's a free. GIMP offers nearly all the same tools and filters as Photoshop, with some differences in execution (GIMP uses separate windows for each action). An excellent choice in photo editing. To download GIMP, go here!
  • 2 of 5
    This is another free software program, one that also packs a pretty big punch. While it might seem like Paint is focused on drawing, etc, it is still a powerful photo editor. A great choice. To download Paint, go here!
  • Photoscape 3 of 5
    This software is a bit of a memory hog, but is one of the only free photo editing applications that allows you to work in RAW images (trick: make sure to upload the RAW image in the internal navigator). The layout of this program is completely different from anything similar to the Photoshop-style editing programs so it can take a bit of getting used to. To download Photoscape, go here!
  • Picasa 4 of 5
    Technically, Picasa is actually a photo sharing site (owned by Google) more than a photo editing software. However, Picasa does offer some very basic photo editing to the novice user, and access to Picnik for more detailed editing (see next slide for more info about Picnik). Picasa also makes sharing photos on social networks super easy. For more info about Picasa, go here!
  • Picnik 5 of 5
    By far the most popular of the free photo editing softwares by the amateur photographers. Simple and easy to use with graphic elements and text capability, and lots of other fun features, Picnik has long been the #1 choice of people that want to make their photos look professional without shelling out the hundreds of dollars needed for Photoshop. To get Picnik, you just need to go here!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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