Eek! Photographer Uses His Own Kids to Bring 10 Childhood Nightmares to Life

Most parents try to ensure that nightmares don’t steal their children’s peace. Joshua Hoffine, on the other hand, walks his kids directly over to the dark side and leaves them there for a while to marinate in terror.

The Kansas City, Missouri-based photographer is interested in the psychology of fear and believes that “horror, as an art form, draws its strength from the unconscious.”

His un-Photoshopped series of horror photos depicting childhood nightmares were created by staging photo shoots as if he were filming a movie, with sets, props and actors — including two of his four daughters — as he tries to “present the images within the visual grammar of the child” so the viewer shares “their point of view, to feel their vulnerability. The images stress danger, and depict a world where innocence and safety are under constant threat.”

Mission: accomplished. Halloween fright has come a bit early this year. Take a look at Hoffin’s horror photography, but whatever you do — don’t try this at home:


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All photos used with permission from Joshua Hoffine


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