Either Beyoncé is Faking Being Postpartum, Too, or She Hasnt Lost All the Baby Weight Yet

Before Blue Ivy

I’m not saying she looks fat. But then again, I’d never say that any woman looks fat.

I’m just saying that the other night Beyoncé made her first public appearance since giving birth to Blue Ivy last month (or hadn’t you heard? Beyoncé had a baby!) and she’s not looking like Jessica “Who-Needs-To-Eat-When-You’re-Pregnant-And-Nursing” Alba, which makes me love Queen B just a wee bit more.

As a 5-month postpartum mom, there’s nothing more disheartening to me than seeing celebrities practically lose the baby weight before they’ve given birth. (Of course what’s worse is when they don’t seem to gain weight at all.)

I know, I know. There are plenty of non-celebrity women who are naturally thin. They try and try and try to gain weight and they just can’t. And they hate pieces like this because they feel so discriminated against. It’s terrible to be thin and want to gain weight but no matter how many Big Macs you eat you just can’t. This piece isn’t for you, so feel free to stop reading . . . now.

This piece is for the rest of us. If you’re like me and enjoy a celebrity porn addiction far too much (Us Weekly, TMZ, Radar Online, anyone?), then it’s hard to avoid the bitches pregnant celebrities who lose the baby weight in a nanosecond after giving birth.

Between their home meal delivery services, their private trainers, the nannies to watch their babies and their multi-million dollar movie deals to motivate them to slim down posthaste, they suck. I get how and why they do it, but it doesn’t make me feel any less bad about myself.

But Beyoncé stepping out the other night in that tight red dress that showed she is a Mommy through and through (see the picture here on Mommyish), well, that made my stretch marks sing a little louder today.

Beyoncé’s postpartum curves are a different kind of celebrity porn, but they’re still a turn-on just the same.

Do you secretly delight, too, when you see someone famous hasn’t lost the baby weight an hour after giving birth?

Image: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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