Election 2012: The 10 Most Fun Apps, Websites, and Social Media Tools

Remember back in the olden days when the only “interactive” part of the election was, you know, voting? This year’s presidential election is the most high-tech, social media-centered, interactive election in history, with each candidate utilizing social media to the max and election-tracking apps popping up for every gadget.

From iPhone to Xbox (and back again), these apps and tools are going to make watching the returns roll in more fun than ever before.

Below are ten of the most fun, interactive, cutting-edge ways for the whole family to stay in the know as the campaigns hit the final stretch… and see up-to-the-minute results on Election Day.

  • Xbox LIVE Elections 2012 Hub 1 of 10
    Xbox LIVE Elections 2012 Hub
    The Xbox LIVE Elections 2012 Hub is a partnership between Xbox and Rock the Vote. This hub is designed to make following the election easier and more interactive. It provides constant, up-to-the-minute coverage from NBC News. The experience is enhanced with SmartGlass, which allows you to seamlessly watch and interact with the Xbox console, smart phones, and mobile tablets.

    (Photo Credit: Xbox)
  • Twitter’s Political Engagement Map 2 of 10
    Twitter's Political Engagement Map
    Twitter's political engagement map tracks tweets from @BarackObama and @MittRomney, organized by engagement on Twitter. Each tweet is represented by a bar, and the size indicates engagement on that Tweet. Click on a specific tweet to see engagement in states across the U.S., sort tweets by relevance in that state, and search for keywords like coal, Pell Grant, or environment to find Tweets about the topics that matter to you.

    (Photo Credit: Twitter)
  • Washington Post Politics App for iPad 3 of 10
    Washington Post Politics App for iPad
    Washington Post Politics, a free app for iPad, keeps all the political news stories, poll results, and projections in one spot.

    (Photo Credit: Washington Post)
  • Google’s Voter Tool 4 of 10
    Google's Voter Tool
    Google's voter information tool lets you plug in your address to find out where your polling place is, see whether your state allows early voting, and to read a comprehensive ballot summary. The ballot summary even includes links to the candidates' social accounts and official Web pages, so you can learn even more.

    (Photo Credit: Google)
  • Voter Hub App for iOS and Droid 5 of 10
    Voter Hub App for iOS and Droid
    Voter Hub is a free mobile app available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Customize it with your ZIP Code, and it'll even tell you the current wait time at your polling place.

    (Photo Credit: Voter Hub)
  • Disney’s American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook iPad App 6 of 10
    Disney's American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook iPad App
    The election is big news, so why not jam a little fun education into the mix for your kids? Disney's American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook app for the iPad brings digital fun together with education, and is mapped to national social studies curricula for grades 3 through 8. The app, which costs $3.99 on iTunes, gives users the chance to flip through a digital scrapbook in order to learn about the lives and times of our 44 U.S. presidents. (Full disclosure: Disney is also the parent company of

    (Photo Credit: Disney)
  • The Democracy Project 7 of 10
    The Democracy Project
    PBS Kids' The Democracy Project is a website for kids with fun, kid-friendly facts about the presidential candidates, and has fun activities for kids like a template to create their own campaign poster.

    (Photo Credit: PBS Kids)
  • Ad Hawk App for iOS and Droid 8 of 10
    Ad Hawk App for iOS and Droid
    Ad Hawk is a free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices that lets you identify political ads as they air and immediately learn about who is behind them. Want to know who is spending money to influence your vote? The app provides valuable contextual information about the candidate, super PAC and issues ads airing on TV and radio this election year.

    (Photo Credit: Ad Hawk)
  • CNN’s ‘I’m Voting’ App for Facebook 9 of 10
    CNN's 'I'm Voting' App for Facebook
    CNN's I'm Voting Facebook app encourages people to vote and be proud of it. It also asks thought-provoking questions, giving you the option of sharing your opinion or not on your Facebook timeline. A great way to become more familiar with the issues.

    (Photo Credit: Facebook/CNN)
  • YouTube’s Elections Hub 10 of 10
    YouTube's Elections Hub
    YouTube's Elections Hub compiles all the election-related videos, including clips and analysis from every major news outlet.

    (Photo Credit: YouTube)

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