Elizabeth Smart Responds To Jaycee Dugard

In her opening appearance on Good Morning America, Elizabeth Smart gave a brief interview about Jaycee Dugard’s interview with Diane Sawyer on Sunday. ABC had previously announced hiring Smart as a commentator, and this was her first appearance in that role.

Appearing phenomenally poised, Smart fielded questions about her own kidnapping and the trial that followed, as well as speaking about Jaycee’s story and her own advocacy efforts. She was soft-spoken but clear and focused. It’s hard to believe Smart is as young as she is; she was so capable in this interview.

Not everyone agrees. There’s a heated discussion going on in the comments over at Jezebel about whether her TV personality is strong enough to warrant repeat performances. With most of the commenters, blessedly, coming down on the side of “leave that nice young woman alone!”

Whether you like her or not, it’s good to see her stepping forward and advocating strongly for her cause. What I’d love to see her do in this role is bring more clarity and data to the stage with her.

I think Smart is shaping up to be a great voice for victimized kids. It’s a remarkable feat for her to have survived the ordeal she lived through. To be able to appear on national TV a few years later and talk dispassionately about her own experience as well as the larger issue of abduction and child abuse is amazing. I hope as she grows more comfortable in her role, she’ll also become stronger at making her case.

Did you watch Elizabeth Smart on GMA? What did you think of her as a commentator?



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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