Epcot for Kids — Why Kids Can Love Epcot Too

Epcot for KidsWith food, wine, and beer from all around the world, Epcot often lands on the favorite parks list for grown-ups. But, can kids have just as good of a time at Epcot as their parents?

Walt Disney World is big. Very big. And to fully enjoy the parks, you definitely need at least one full day for each park, (and more days than that is even better.) So, when making those difficult “where to spend our time” decisions, some parents opt to skip Epcot, thinking that their children may not have enough to do there.

But before you put Epcot on the “to do when the kids are older” list, you might want to consider all the fabulous Epcot attractions and experiences your kids will miss out if you don’t make it to Epcot.

My kids, especially my son, love Epcot and here are just seven of the reasons why:

1. Soarin’ — Okay. Soarin’ is my favorite part of Epcot too. But kids of almost all ages will LOVE the chance to soar through the skies in this “not too scary” ride.

My four year old daughter is on the sensitive side though, and she is not ready for Soarin’ — mainly because she is scared of the dark and getting strapped into the seats.

But, lots of four year olds would be thrilled to have a chance to go on a “thrill” ride that isn’t too frightening after all. (For Soarin’, riders need to be 40”³ or taller. And if some of your kids aren’t old enough or big enough, Soarin’ has the single rider option and rider swap.)

As I mentioned in my Top Ten Rides You Can’t Miss at Disneyland, Soarin’ FASTPASSES are often gone very early in the day. So if Soarin’ is a priority for you, make sure you plan to get FASTPASSES as early as possible. You can check FASTPASS availability and wait times with helpful apps, like the Verizon Disney Mobile Magic App.

2. The Seas with Nemo & Friends — Nemo makes Epcot a must stop for my Olivia and most little ones. This adorable ride takes kids of all ages on a “clamobile” below the waves into “a colorful underwater world where Nemo and his friends explore colorful tropical reefs, discover ancient shipwrecks, meet beautiful sea creatures and avoid lurking peril.”

Two great things about The Seas with Nemo & Friends are that there are rarely lines, so kids can get on quickly and go as many times as they can beg, and when the ride is over, there is a ton of fun waiting for them in the pavilion, including the The Sea Base and Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium and Turtle Talk with Crush.

3. Turtle Talk with Crush — Yes, while we are in Nemo’s pavilion, you definitely want to give your little ones the chance to play with Crush!


Turtle Talk with Crush is a live 15-minute show presented throughout the day where kids can actually have a conversation with the “totally tubular turtle” from Disney·Pixar’s Finding Nemo while he educates the audience on the importance of protecting the world’s oceans.

“Turtle Talk with Crush uses state-of-the-art, 3D, voice-activated computer animation. Through this advanced technology, Crush can communicate directly—in real time—and hold unique, improvised conversations with audience members.”

My daughter especially loved the Crush experience when she was around two years old.

4. Mission: SPACE — While Mission: Space isn’t for little ones, big kids and teens will not want to miss this motion simulator ride that mimics what an astronaut might experience during a space flight to Mars.

Mission: SPACE is available in 2 versions — the Orange Team for exhilarating and intense training or the Green Team for a less intense galactic adventure and riders must be 44″ or taller.

5. Journey Into Imagination With Figment — Voted Best Epcot Attraction for Kids, this attraction takes guests along with the free-spirited dragon Figment on an adventure through the labs in the Imagination Institute.


“Taking over the tour, Figment leads you to his whimsical upside-down house where, from this topsy-turvy perspective, he proves that imagination works best when set free. Figment’s topsy-turvy perspective proves that imagination works best when set free.”

6. Circle of Life — I love this beautiful 20-minute environmental film located in Future World at Epcot theme park.

Using a perfect mix of animation and live action, along with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King, we learn about environmental concerns around the world. Circle of Life is a perfect opportunity to introduce children to eco kindness.

7. Spaceship Earth — In this slow-moving 16-minute ride through time and space, guests of all ages experience Audio-Animatronic scenes that “depict the stirring story of human connection from the dawn of recorded time to the 21st century’s cyber age.”

Watching the entire human experience, condensed into a 16 minute show, is quite incredible — and emotional! We witness prehistoric man’s first words, see the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians and the advanced system of roads in Rome, and journey through the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Information.


Guests ride in omnimover vehicles that are equipped with interactive touch screens that ask us how we would like to live, work and play in the world of tomorrow. Then, with image capture and face recognition technology, we get to see our potential future “self” at the end of the ride. It is a fun and fascinating experience for everyone!

Yes — there is a ton of fun, learning, and inspiration at Epcot for everyone in the family! To see everything that Epcot offers, head over to the Epcot overview page and have a blast and maybe a beer from Germany too.

P.S. If you are heading to the west coast — check out my Top Ten Rides at Disneyland!

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