Evangelical Mom Kidnaps Kid to Keep Her from Lesbian

janet-jenkinsA mom who converted to evangelical Christianity after ending a lesbian relationship has reportedly taken off with her daughter to keep the child from her ex-girlfriend.

Lisa Miller made news mid-last year when she faced jail time for refusing to submit to shared custody with Janet Jenkins even though Jenkins and Miller were legally tied in a civil union at the time of the child’s birth. Because of her refusal, a Vermont judge legally awarded Jenkins full custody in November, with a hand-off scheduled for December. But according to news reports from the New York Times, ABC News and more, Miller and the child are gone.

The little girl, Isabella Miller-Jenkins, was conceived with Miller’s eggs and born in 2002. Her parents split in 2004, and Miller moved from Vermont to Virginia where she pronounced herself a born-again Christian and got a Virginia court to give her sole custody, the same day the commonwealth passed its own version of the Defense of Marriage Act.

She’s become a hero of the anti-gay movement, with a “Protect Isabella Coalition” popping up, putting out ads like this one to appeal to people’s homophobia to “save” the child from her other mom:

According to the coalition, the only father Isabella “really has known is her Heavenly Father, thanks to the love and godly teaching of her real (biological) mother and role model, Lisa Miller.” They also maintain an active Facebook group Only One Mommy which has been heralding Miller’s bravery in her decision to skip town – and skipping over its illegality. In since-deleted post, Truth Wins Out reports they even dubbed it an example of “true motherhood.”

Awarding custody to Jenkins should have been a victory for gay parents, proving that biology is not the only part of parenting (and hence should be considered a victory for adoptive parents of all creeds). But with Lisa Miller and Isabella AWOL, it’s another case of false hope for Janet Jenkins.

Image: Truth Wins Out (Janet Jenkins with her daughter)

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