Evil Clown Stalks Children for Fun

clown-sewer-untouchableRemember how you felt the first time you saw that evil clown in Stephen King’s It, peeking out from below the sewer grate?

Now you can give your kids a real, live scary clown for their birthday … complete with stalking!

Dominic Deville, professional child scare-er, will dress up like an evil clown and stalk your children for a week. If he catches them, he’ll smash a cake in their face. If he doesn’t, the cake is theirs to eat, along with a gift of years of therapy to recover from their week of terror.

Deville, who only stalks kids in Lucerne, Switzerland, will follow kids home from school and/or work, leave threatening text messages, make prank phone calls, and set scary traps.

‘The child feels more and more that it is being pursued,’ Deville told  ‘The clown’s one and only aim is to smash a cake into the face of his victim, when they least expect it, during the course of seven days.”

Deville has boundaries:  He won’t break into a residence or bug kids at work, and any time that a kid feels like he’s had enough, the stalking stops.

You know, I used to think the meanest prank in the world was those fake lottery tickets that make people believe they’ve won $10,000, but I think Evil Clown Stalker tops them all.  Riding a roller coaster or watching a horror movie — fun.  Being stalked?  Freaky.  Just ask any celebrity who’s been there.

Deville and his clown friends say it’s all just fun and games, what do you think?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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