Extravagance for Two: A New Trend in Weddings

Expensive WeddingA new trend in weddings has couples nixing their guest list in favor of a more intimate affair. How intimate you might ask? It is so intimate that there are no guests. Not one, just the bride and the groom. You are probably thinking this is nothing new. Couples get married at City Hall all the time. But with this new trend comes more than just an obsolete guest list, there’s also a hefty price tag attached. According to Your Tango, “more couples are opting for a wedding-for-two.” The pre-planned nuptials involve the bride and groom saying their vows in a “luxurious, private wedding ceremony.”

For those who want to experience a fancy wedding without having to worry about guests it seems like the way to go.  However, many may oppose the idea of a couple spending thousands of dollars for a wedding that has no attendees. I imagine the opponents are big fans of plated dinners, tiered cakes, and the electric slide.

Although I personally couldn’t imagine spending more money on a wedding than a house down payment, part of the excitement that comes with planning your wedding is doing what you want to do. Sure, it would be awfully nice to spend $50,000 dollars and open up the door for family, friends, and well dressed spectators to join in on the festivities. But is it wrong to want to have it be a moment between just you and the person you are marrying?

I can easily think of thousands of good uses for a large amount of money. And this is the case whether one’s guest list is 200, 20 or zero. But to the couple planning a wedding for two this is a good use of money.

I have yet to meet a couple that has had a grandiose wedding for two. But the idea that couples are doing it leads me to believe that they aren’t out there to impress others. No one is watching, instagraming, or chatting about their decor or menu. They are doing this because it makes them happy and at the end of the day that’s what it should be about them.

The fact that they are putting their wants and desires above that of family and friends doesn’t say that they don’t love or value them. It says that they have become each other’s priority and at the top of their list of priorities is doing what they want and at a price tag of their choosing. For more on this visit Your Tango.

What are your thoughts on an elaborate wedding for two?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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