Facebook FAILS: 7 Cringeworthy Reasons to De-friend Your Parents or Kids

Facebook fail
Wrong on so many, many levels

You know that dad who recently shot his daughter’s computer because she posted a letter on her Facebook wall complaining about how her parents make her do chores?

He’s only slightly worse than these parents who have embarrassed their kids on Facebook maybe just as badly (although thankfully not quite so violently).

Let that dad and these parents be a lesson to us all: Don’t friend your parents or kids on Facebook. Parents and children can have tough enough relationships already. Kids don’t need the strain — and humiliation — that parents on sites like Facebook can add.

Check out these 7 Facebook family FAILS (courtesy of and then go de-friend your parents and/or kids immediately.

  • Favorites? Nobody plays favorites in our family 1 of 7
    Favorites? Nobody plays favorites in our family
    Oh, except for me. I do. I forgot. Whoops.

    Transcribed Thread:
    Renee: At this time of Thanksgiving I am most thankful for my son, Casey. He is the best son in the whole USA. I love you Casey!
    Tim: That awkward moment when your other son sees this status…..
  • Don’t you have some baking or knitting to do, Grandma? 2 of 7
    Don't you have some baking or knitting to do, Grandma?
    And here I thought the grandma in "Sixteen Candles" who pinches Molly Ringwald's boobs was the most embarrassing one ever.

    Transcribed Thread:
    Beatrice B: Hi Jennifer, Grampy will be glad to see you when ever you go. You look like your mother when she was your age. Get some of that Proactive to get rid of those pimples on your face. Your a pretty girl and you will look so much better. Luv u Gram
  • Joe Simpson, is that you? 3 of 7
    Joe Simpson, is that you?
    So gross, Dad.

    Transcribed Thread:
    Christope: Hi Hale,
    Just figured that I'd say that you're looking smokin' hot in your picture…
    And now the Dad in me is gonna tell you to go upstairs and put on a sweater.
    Make it a turtle neck… With a hoodie on top.
  • TMI 4 of 7
    Thanks for setting me back another few steps socially, not to mention a few leaps emotionally, Dad.

    Transcribed Thread:
    Sam: Playing darts on my own, could my social life get any better?..
    Adrian: Don't worry you will kiss a girl again one day.
    Sam: Thanks dad…
  • TMI. Again 5 of 7
    TMI. Again
    What part of you thought that might be an appropriate comment, Dad?

    Transcribed Thread:
    Moosie V: So I actually log onto Facebook for the first time in forever, and I see Everyone is pregnant. What is going on.
    Brian V: except yer mom . . . but that's totally my fault
    Moosie V: Oh m gosh. Dad.
  • George Michael and moms don’t really mix 6 of 7
    George Michael and moms don't really mix
    Why are you on Facebook at work anyway, Mom?

    Transcribed Thread:
    Cap'n Jax: wouldn't it be nice if i could touch your body? you know not everybody has a body like you.
    Lynne: hey can you call me at work?
    Abby: mom. that is a wierd comment to ask that on.
  • Isn’t the Facebook Internets the same as the Google Internets? 7 of 7
    Isn't the Facebook Internets the same as the Google Internets?
    No, Dad. No, it isn't. And remind me later to adjust the parental controls on your computer.

    Transcribed Thread:
    David D: where to buy chicken casserole supplies
    Stephen D: Dad, this is facebook, not google. Try again.
    David D: where to buy chiecken casserole supplies
    Stephen D: Dad no.
    David D: where to buy supplies for chicken casserole
    Stephen D: WTF! are you serious?
    David D: chicken casserole supply store
    Stephen D: Fiesta Mart, 8130 Kirby Drive.

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