Facebook Bans Breastfeeding "Art" Pictures

mother and baby
Mother and Baby

An Australian photographer says that Facebook has banned his photos of breastfeeding women, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

For an upcoming exhibit on Africa’s tribal culture, Christopher Rimmer, a Melbourne-based art dealer and photographer, travelled to Africa and photoraphed bare-breasted Himba women — some of them breastfeeding. He posted the photos on Facebook, which deemed them unsuitable for children and removed them.

Tribal Himba, who live in northern Namibia, have worn loincloths and covered their bodies in ocre body paint “probably for centuries” said  Rimmer, adding “I find it absolutely absurd that anybody would consider those pictures offensive in any way. To suggest they are pornographic or gratuitous is quite unbelievable.”

Rimmer posted the images last week while he was still travelling. He was surprised to receive an email from Facebook informing him that the photos were being removed because they supposedly violated the site’s terms of use policy.

The company does not allow “content that is hateful, threatening or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence,” Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook has come under fire in the past for banning photographs of breastfeeding mothers.

“I am deeply offended that my work has been deemed pornographic,” said Rimmer.

In response to Facebook’s decision, Rimmer said he plans to send Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg a signed print of one of the photos.

“I hope that he deems the work inoffensive enough to hang on his wall,” said Rimmer.

What do you think? Was Facebook wrong in taking down the images? I certainly think so.

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photo: flickr/christiancaron2000

(photo featured is not by Christopher Rimmer)

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