Facebook: The Network For Oldies Like Us?

faceApparently kids are abandoning Facebook in droves.

There’s a column on Mashable and Twitter that’s getting major traction called I’m 13 And None of My Friends Use Facebook.

The teen, Ruby Karp, says that she used to be all about Facebook but has noticed that the social networking site is losing teens to sites like Snapchat, Twitter, Vine and Tumblr. Karp also says teens are leaving Facebook because all of us oldies are on it. Well, Karp didn’t call us oldies but she says Facebook his popular with people her parents’ age and up which makes it distinctly undesirable with her crowd.

“My only friend is, like, my grandma,” she writes. “All of our parents and parents’ friends have Facebooks. It’s not just the fact that I occasionally get wall posts like, ‘Hello sweetie pie!’ But my friends post photos that get me in trouble with those parents.”

Karp says that jumping the Facebook ship will only continue because what’s the point of being on a social network if all your friends are somewhere else?

Another fine point Karp makes is that Facebook breeds bullies. “Kids might comment something mean on a photo of you, or message you mean things. This isn’t Facebook’s fault, but again, it does happen there.” My only problem with that argument is that Instagram and Twitter can foster the same kind of bullying.

Nonetheless, Karp things Facebook has gone the way of MySpace.  I don’t know that it’s gone the way of Myspace. It’s pretty handy for keeping in touch with friends and families, something that becomes increasingly important as you get older and move away from family members. And it isn’t rocket science to deduce that anything adults like will immediately be deemed uncool by kids.

In fact, I kind of like that the kids are allegedly leaving Facebook. It is a little uncomfortable to know that my nieces and nephews are seeing some of the things I post. No, I’m not posting shots of me doing keg stands or anything but it’s still kind of weird.

What do you think? Is Facebook for oldies now and how do you feel about that? Or are the kids in  your life still obsessed with it?

Ironically, Karp’s article has 28,000 Facebook likes. So it seems that people agree with her but, then again, they’re obviously still digging Facebook…

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