Facing Death, 9-Month-Old Quinn Linzer Has a Bucket List Created for Her

Quinn Linzer
At FAO Schwarz

When you think of a bucket list, you might imagine Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson and their movie about two older men and their quest to tick off some wild and crazy adventures before heading off into the sunset. Or perhaps instead you visualize a list you’ve created in your mind about things you’d like to do and try and experience before your life fades away.

You probably don’t associate bucket lists and babies, since for most babies, they have decades ahead of them to try to experience everything instead of cramming it all in at the very end of a long life.

One baby already doesn’t have that luxury, however.

Quinn Linzer, who is just 9 months old, suffers from Neimann-Pick Disease, Type A, according to People magazine (via Long Island’s News 12) — a disease that causes the brain and body to regress. She was diagnosed at age 3 months, with a prognosis that she would not live past age 1.

For her parents, who had dreams for her of a happy, full and long life, the news was obviously earth-shattering. Doctors told the family to take Quinn home and just love her in her final days. But in order to maximize Quinn’s short time remaining, and to see some of their dreams for her come true, her family created Quinn’s List.

They wrote on their website:

Once we made our decision to concentrate on palliative care rather than attempting a stem cell transplant for Quinn, we were on a mission.  A mission to give her as wonderFULL a life as we could possibly give her.

To do so, we reached out to our families and our very closest friends and asked them to come up with things that everyone should do in their lifetime.  Quinn’s adventures will be catalogued here on the blog – credit to those who came up with the ideas! – so that everyone can ‘participate’ in her fun.

So without further adieu, below is Quinn’s List (in no particular order).

Every girl should wear a wedding gown
Every American should vote
Every American should visit our nation’s Capitol
Every little girl should dance with her daddy
Every girl should get a manicure/pedicure blog post coming soon!
Every little girl should visit the American Girl Doll store blog post coming soon!
Every child should visit FAO Schwartz
Every little girl should have a slumber party blog post coming soon!
Every little girl should dress up like a princess
Every Linzer child should visit Maine on a family trip
Everyone should watch a sunrise
Everyone should star gaze
Everyone should swim with dolphins
Everyone should admire art at The Met
Every Long Islander should see the Big Duck in Flanders
Every little girl should host a tea party
Everyone should play with (and get licked by) a puppy blog post coming soon!
Everyone should go to a baseball game
Everyone should go to a football game
Everyone should visit the zoo
Everyone should be kissed by a butterfly
Every child should go pumpkin picking blog post coming soon!
Every child should sit on Santa’s lap
Every child should play in the snow
Every child should go apple picking blog post coming soon!
Everyone should ride a horse
Everyone should do Disney
Everyone should dip their toes in the ocean blog post coming soon!
Every child should play in the sand and build sand castles
Every child should splash in a puddle
Every child should jump in a pile of leaves
Everyone should watch the chefs at Inatome
Every child should go to the circus
Everyone should experience a sunset on the beach
Everyone should feel the wind on their face at the top of the Empire State Building
Every child should dress up for Halloween
Every child should fly a kite
Everyone should drive a car
Everyone should ride in a convertible blog post coming soon!
Everyone should experience a Circle Line Cruise
Every child should visit the Land of Make Believe
Every child should ride on the Nunley’s carousel
Every child should play peek-a-boo
Everyone should have a picnic in Central Park
Every child should swing on a swing and slide down a slide
Every little girl should have tea at the Plaza hotel blog post coming soon!
Every girl should have her ears pierced
Everyone should do the polar plunge on new year’s day

Everyone should LOVE and BE LOVED as much as possible, each and every day

To make a donation towards the fulfillment of Quinn’s bucket list, email

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