Fake E-mails Claim Kid is Dying and Wants Christmas Cards

There’s an e-mail floating around the net, along with a YouTube video, that claim four-year-old Jacob Hadcock is going to die soon. Except no one has told his parents.

Amie and Ron Hadcock would just like the Christmas cards their son supposedly asked for in a wish to the Make a Wish foundation, along with all the presents, to stop.

Jacob has leukemia, but it’s not the terminal cancer that videos like the one below claim he’s suffering from.

In fact, Amie told the Syracuse Post-Standard, Jacob is going through treatment and even able to go to preschool. So while her family appreciates people are thinking of them, they don’t want anything on false pretenses. And the money being sent is all going to buy gifts for sick children at the Golisano Children’s Hospital or the Jonathan Cancer Fund – it’s not staying with Jacob.

But it’s not stopping. There are as much as three thousand cards a day, thanks to DJs in Georgia, grandmas in Florida, Twitter users and Facebook fans. The Make a Wish Foundation says they had nothing to do with it, the Hadcocks say it wasn’t them.

This is that rare happy hoax story – a little boy has gotten some smiles, a generous family is paying it forward. But it doesn’t make it any less bizarre. And it begs the question – does anybody try to check out these stories?

Image: poppofaticus via flickr

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