Family Finds $300K in Ocean Gold, Here’s What I’ve Found in NYC Water

A family that has “spent every day of the last 13 summers searching for gold off the Treasure Coast of Florida” has seen “their hard work sifting through trash in the Atlantic Ocean” pay off. This weekend, the Schmitt’s “discovered a trove of gold that could be worth more than $300,000,” according to HLN.

26-year-old Eric Schmitt dove down into the Atlantic and brought gold coins and necklaces to the surface Sunday. HLN reports, “All told, the family’s recent discovery included eight gold chains (weighing about 3 pounds), five gold coins and a gold ring. It’s the biggest find the family has ever made, and they’ve been doing this a long, long time.”

What an incredible find and an exciting moment for that family of explorers! My daughter and I love to explore our local beaches, too, but in the ocean around New York City you don’t usually find hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold. Here are some of the “treasures” my daughter and I have actually found in and around the ocean near The Big Apple:

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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