Family Fun: The Many Moods of My Xbox Avatar

One of my favorite things about the Xbox 360 isn’t even the games. It’s the ridiculous fun we have with the avatars. As I’ve noted before, my avatar usually looks wayyyy better than the real me. Also, the real me never has a pet ewok, unfortunately. And, even more unfortunately, my uncooperative cat won’t keep the little hood on and just pretend to be an ewok.

Another great thing about the avatar is that it’s an opportunity to see how you’d look with different hairstyles. Surprisingly, it turns out the mullet is not a good look for me. (Who knew?)

My kids have just as much fun with the avatars as I do, but since I don’t post their photos publicly, I decided I shouldn’t share their avatars, either. Suffice to say that the Phineas and Ferb and Star Wars clothing departments are getting heavy use.

Enjoy me making a virtual idiot of myself, below.

  • The many (goofy) moods of my avatar… 1 of 15
    The many (goofy) moods of my avatar...
    Click the arrows to scroll through my ridiculousness. Turns out the mullet is not a good look for me.
  • The Xbox Me 2 of 15
    The Xbox Me
    So, this is pretty much me, except, frankly, my thighs are much wider in real life.
  • School Meeting Me 3 of 15
    School Meeting Me
    Here's me dressed for confidence, ready to discuss my kids' Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) at school! Note the Wonder Woman bracelet and cowboy boots.
  • Thursday Night Football Me 4 of 15
    Thursday Night Football Me
    Here's me watching the Eagles last Thursday night. I look pissed because they gave up the lead in the third quarter. Sigh.
  • This is Not a Good Look for Me 5 of 15
    This is Not a Good Look for Me
    This is how I would look with a mullet, Crocs, and a festive, yet inappropriate Santa dress. I think I'll skip this look.
  • Tough Me 6 of 15
    Tough Me
    On the other hand, it appears that I could totally rock a pompadour. This actually looks eerily like real-life High School Me. (Note to Xbox: please add magenta hair color and we'll be all set!)
  • Candace from Phineas and Ferb Me 7 of 15
    Candace from Phineas and Ferb Me
    "I'm so going to bust them!"
  • Elf Me 8 of 15
    Elf Me
    Here's me as a Christmas elf-mom, after shopping, wrapping, baking, and card-sending. "Why does that jolly fat man get all the credit?" Obviously, trying to get everything ready for Christmas has made me go (even more) gray.
  • Fun With Star Wars Me 9 of 15
    Fun With Star Wars Me
    Yay! Somebody got me a pet ewok for Christmas! Look how happy I am. Also, everyone looks good in Leia-buns.
  • Planet Hoth Me 10 of 15
    Planet Hoth Me
    Okay. Everyone looks great in Leia-buns, but the white outfit the Princess wore on Planet Hoth is probably best left in 1980. Quilted thigh pads are no woman's friend.
  • Minecraft Me 11 of 15
    Minecraft Me
    Here I am whacking some rocks with a Minecraft pickaxe. Note: this is not the tool you're looking for when you need to assemble that trike on Christmas Eve.
  • Minecraft Steve Me 12 of 15
    Minecraft Steve Me
    Here's me with a Minecraft Steve mask on. The eye-hole cutouts are a nice feature.
  • Ultimate Geek Me: Lego Griffyndor Me 13 of 15
    Ultimate Geek Me: Lego Griffyndor Me
    This is my kids' fave avatar: not just LEGO. Not just Harry Potter. It's me in a LEGO Griffyndor uniform. Expelliarmus!
  • Holiday Party Me (B.C.) 14 of 15
    Holiday Party Me (B.C.)
    In the years Before Children, I actually attended grown-up parties that involved getting dressed up.
  • Holiday Party Me (Now) 15 of 15
    Holiday Party Me (Now)
    Yeah, nowadays I'm more likely to be wearing a pair of sweats and an Empire Strikes Back shirt while helping kids build gingerbread houses. Not pictured: stains from icing the kids have wiped on me.

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(All images by Joslyn Gray for Babble, via Xbox)

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