Family Nudity: When Did You Stop Changing in Front of Your Kids?

Tori Spelling, who writes posts occasionally for LilSugar, is pondering whether now is the time to stop changing clothes in front of her 4-year-old son, Liam, after a recent incident.

She writes that she was changing, and Liam said, “Oh no! I do not need to see that! Get that out of my face. That huge thing sitting on top of your legs. Your butt is ginormous.”

It reminds me of how, whenever I change in front of my 3-year-old daughter, she grabs my butt and says, “WIGGLE, WIGGLE, WIGGLE!” Nice, I know. But that, and the fact that she stares at my saggy chest in wonder, has me pondering the same thing.

I remember seeing my mom naked.  Whether she was coming out of the shower and I was on her bed watching television, or I brushed my teeth while she was showering in the only bathroom in our house, I saw her lady bits well into my tenth or eleventh year of life. Perhaps that’s because I was her only girl? But I think I remember my brothers grimacing a time or two at the sight of her nudity as well. This is not because my mom has a carefree nature, it was mostly because our house was small, with one bathroom, and a lot of times we all piled onto her bed to watch TV. Basically, there was no privacy.

Strollerderby’s Carolyn Castiglia admits she has a penchant for walking around the house naked, as did her mom, but acknowledges it can be uncomfortable. “I can think of a few comedians with stories about seeing more of their parents than they wanted to whilst growing up. Seeing your parents naked can be jarring, it can be scarring, but is it inappropriate? Experts have mixed feelings about letting it all hang out in front of the kids.”

I definitely don’t walk around the house naked. But I shower with the door open so I can keep an eye on Violet. It’s more of the accidental variety of nudity as opposed to long, naked bouts around the home.

My question to y’all is this: Are you ever nude in front of your children? Breastfeeding doesn’t count. I’m talking, do you change in front of your kids? Do you shower with your kids? Until what age? And is your child’s gender a factor in your decision?

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