Law Requires Women to Breastfeed … Grown Men

Who doesn’t love an authority figure fully in support of breastfeeding? It’s good for a nursing mom to have the people at the top on her side. Of course, there are exceptions.

In Saudi Arabia, strict Islamic laws forbid mingling between the sexes if they are not related. This has made it difficult for women who regularly come into contact with men they are not related to. The fix? According to 2DayMag on Open Salon, clerics have issued a fatwa that requires men to drink the breast milk of these women, thus establishing them as relatives and not lovers.

And that’s not even the controversial part.

The big debate is how to get the milk to the men: direct from the breast or bottle to-go. For some, it was good enough for her to express milk into a glass and serve it up. But a high-profile sheik, Abi Ishaq Al Huwaini, thinks the unrelated male — you know, who should establish that he’s not intimate with the woman — should take his milk straight from the breast.


Under Islamic law, women are told to nurse their children until they are two. There’s lots of cross-nursing with sisters and aunts, etc., which establishes the kids as “breast milk siblings,” and allows the mothers to nurse their other children without covering up in front of the older ones.

Familial relationships established through nursing is what gave an Egyptian scholar an idea for the man-nursing loophole — a fatwa that was rejected but later adopted.

Soon after Saudia Arabia got on board, a Saudi woman threatened to sue a bus driver, who wanted to suckle her breast as now women’s breasts are apparently in the public domain.

And you thought your 3-year-old nursling was demanding!

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