Faux Pregnant Belly Bump Sales on the Rise in China. Why?

Fake Baby Bump Sales on the Rise
Fake Baby Bump Sales on the Rise

There is an interesting rise in faux body part sales in China. New reports (via Huffington Post) are seeing increased sales of not fake boobs, not fake bums, but rather fake pregnancy bellies.

These fake baby bumps are made of a skin-colored silicon that gives the appearance (and feel) of a real stomach. They range in price from $79 to $252 and you can buy them in a variety of pregnancy stages. The most popular? Bellies that look to be about five to seven months along.

But why are these artificial baby bumps on the rise?

A shop owner who sells the bellies says that most people buy them for usage in a stage or film production. Others buy them to try to “experience” what it’s like to be pregnant. But others use the fake bellies for more nefarious reasons. Stan Abrams, a law professor and writer for China Hearsay mentions that some would use the belly bump to get seats on the bus or to assist in begging for money, because nothing is sadder than a pregnant woman begging for spare change. And of course the fake baby bump industry probably saw their stock rise after the allegations that Beyonce is using a fake bump during her pregnancy.

Wonder if this will be a growing global trend? And if you are in the market for a baby bump of your own, you can buy one from Moon Bump right here.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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