Feedburner Feeds Vanish? UPDATE 11:30pm Friday

Tonight, several bloggers let me know that they logged into their Feedburner accounts only to discover that, without warning, they had zero subscribers.

As I wrote about here when I discussed moving my personal blog’s feed over to Feedblitz instead of Feedburner, there have been plenty of signs that Google is fully planning on abandoning Feedburner very soon. Google shut down the Japanese version of it earlier this year, they closed the Twitter account and the blog.

But apparently, they also notified developers that the API will be shutting down in October. October 20th, to be specific, although that date is impossible to confirm but there is no doubt that the feed was depreciated over a year ago on Google’s Developer blog.

So what does that mean? It means that basically, Google has let Feedburner languish for over a year with no updates or customer service or other efforts.

So what does this mean for you? It means you might want to hop over to Feedburner and download a copy of your email subscribers quickly, just in case this isn’t another “hiccup” and is the real deal.

So how do you do that? First go to your Feedburner account (obviously). CHANGE THE DATE TO WHERE YOU HAD SUBSCRIBERS! Then go into your Subscribers, then into your email subscriptions, and download as a CSV or Excel doc. Here’s a breakdown of full instructions!

Okay. Feel better? I know I did.

Now, if you’re looking for alternatives to Feedburner, I highly recommend Feedblitz. It is a paid service, not free, but because of that you will have great customer service when you need it, and I believe it’s worth a few bucks a month to have that security. In addition, Feedblitz is the only service that offers you STATS for your RSS feed; no one else does with Feedburner gone (good news: the stats stay steady! They don’t go wildly up and down!).

But if you don’t want to pay for it, there are alternatives. Jetpack (a WordPress Plugin) offers a free email subscription service. You can also use companies like AWeber, Mail Chimp, and more. Google for other free options (I think they are sticking with the search business, at least).

Since we’ve had nothing official from Feedburner yet, stay tuned. We’ll have to see how this goes.

UPDATE: It appears no you can no longer download a spreadsheet of your subscribers. I have a call into the Google press office. Hope to have more info soon.

UPDATE 11:30pm Friday: The Feedburner Status Blog has the following helpful (not) update (my stats still say zero):

Big thanks to Annie of MamaDweeb, Kelly of Centsible Life, Lisa of Crazy Adventures in Parenting and others for giving me the heads up and contributing info.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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