Fewer Babies Means More Opportunity?

lotsofbabiesOver at SFGate’s The Mommy Files, blogger Amy Graff writes of a purported “baby bust,” the first time in years that fewer babies are being born. Whether or not there is an actual baby bust going on (several commenters to her blog would argue otherwise), Graff offers an amusing look at all the benefits to having a baby during a baby bust, rather than boom:

2) Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough will always be in stock at your local supermarket. Fewer pregnant women with crazy cravings means a greater selection in the ice cream aisle.

3) At your birth, you might actually get the anesthesiologist into your room to set you up with an epidural because he won’t be occupied with a dozen other moms screaming, “I’m going to kill you if you don’t stop the pain now!”

10) The lines at Disneyland will be shorter.

Here’s what I would look forward to if I gave birth during a bust:

  • Being able to actually visit the local children’s museum and not have it be wall-to-wall people inside, no matter what day/time/temperature it is.
  • Not having to worry about having 17 other kids with the sameĀ  name in my kid’s class.
  • Getting into the after-school activity I want without having to camp out by the phone as soon as registration opens.
  • Better odds that my child will become President, or better still, host of his own late-night fake news show.

What about you? Where do you wish there were fewer kids? (Note: “In my house” is not an acceptable answer.)

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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