Fight Club for Kids?

The only rule of “Fight Club” is no kids…or at least that’s what I thought.

But, according to The Stir, some parents are actually organizing fights for their children so they can ensure they are properly supervised.

Police in New Zealand are investigating reports that parents in one town have arranged fights between their kids.

Whangarei Police Campus Cop Senior Constable Hank van Engelen told the New Zealand Herald that police had been contacted twice this month about reports of girls fighting under the supervision of their parents.

Van Engelen suggested that the parents might have organized the fights because they wanted their kids to have a safe environment in which to duke it out.

In one case, apparently, one girl told her parents she wanted to fight a classmate. Rather than suggest she try to talk things through with her nemesis, instead, the parents phoned the other kid’s parents and arranged a backyard brawl.

There may be an ulterior motive: the kids (and possibly even the parents?) aspire to Internet fame.  “Kids are seeing who can get the best fight video and then put it up on the internet,” said van Engelen. This is news to me, but apparently videos of kids fighting are quite popular on YouTube.

So apparently the New Zealand thing isn’t an isolated incident.

Earlier in this year, The Daily News reported that a Queens, NY teacher and a teacher’s aide orchestrated a wrestling match between students in a locked classroom.

Although The Stir’s Cynthia Dermody is opposed to teachers arranging fights, she said it may not be such a bad idea when parents coordinate. In fact, Dermody says the trend (if you can call it that) actually makes sense to her since “some of the words that come of out kids’ mouths these days hurt a lot harder than a few quick blows.”

Not sure I agree with Ms. Dermody’s reasoning. Is it so unrealistic to expect our kids not to verbally or physically abuse each other? Sure, they may go ahead and do it anyway, but should the grown-ups condone it? What’s next? Are parents going to betting on these kiddie fights?

What do you think? Would you organize a fight for your kids?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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