‘Fight for Your Parents’ Love!’: Famous Siblings in Sports

Fight for Your Parents' Love!: Famous Siblings in Sports (via Babble)When the San Francisco 49ers meet up with the Baltimore Ravens at Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday, something unusual will happen: two brothers will face off as head coaches for the first time in Super Bowl history.

In fact, Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers and John Harbaugh of the Ravens are the first brothers to be head coaches in the NFL, period. You kinda have to feel a little bit sorry for their parents. (Although I guess not too much: I mean, both kids are doing pretty well for themselves.)

There’s just nothing like a brother vs. brother match-up to ratchet up the human interest factor in sports. And while everybody’s talking about the “Harbowl,” the Harbaugh brothers certainly aren’t the first famous set of siblings in sports.

From the DiMaggio brothers of baseball to the Lamoureux twins of women’s hockey, see how some other famous (and not-so-famous) siblings fare when they play together–and against each other.

Enjoy your Harbowl! And pass the nachos, will you?


  • ‘I want to see you both fighting for your parents’ love! 1 of 17
    'I want to see you both fighting for your parents' love!
    Check out some of the most interesting siblings in sports! Click the arrows to scroll through the images.
  • Jim and John Harbaugh 2 of 17
    Jim and John Harbaugh
    While many are calling the 2013 Super Bowl the "Harbowl," Jim and John Harbaugh took very different paths to becoming Super Bowl-level NFL coaches. Both played at the collegiate level, but John went straight into coaching. Jim played for several different teams in the NFL from 1987 to 2001. Among his highlights? Jim holds the Chicago Bears' record for most completions with 1,023.

    (Photo Credits: Jim, Wikimedia Commons. John, Wikimedia Commons)
  • Peyton and Eli Manning 3 of 17
    Peyton and Eli Manning
    While older brother Peyton Manning leads in stats, younger brother Eli leads where it counts: Super Bowl wins. Eli, Quarterback for the New York Giants, has two Super Bowl rings. Peyton, Quarterback for the Denver Broncos, has only one. (Their dad Archie, who quarterbacked for the Saints, the Oilers, and the Vikings during his 13-year career with the NFL, has none.)

    (Photo Credit: YouTube)
  • Vince, Dom, and Joe DiMaggio 4 of 17
    Vince, Dom, and Joe DiMaggio
    All three DiMaggio brothers were center fielders, and before moving up to the major leagues, all three played in the Pacific Coast League for the San Francisco Seals, reports The Washington Post. Vince played most of his major league career with the Pittsburgh Pirates and was an All Star player twice. Dom played his entire major league career with the Red Sox, where he was a seven-time All Star selection and is a member of the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Joltin' Joe DiMaggio, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, was an All Star 13 times and won 9 World Series titles with the New York Yankees.

    (Photo Credit:
  • Venus and Serena Williams 5 of 17
    Venus and Serena Williams
    Without a doubt the most famous sisters in sports, Venus and Serena Williams have played against each other in 23 professional matches, with Serena edging out her older sister with 13 wins. Both incredible tennis players in their own right, they are a formidable duo when playing together: they have won 13 Grand Slam doubles titles and 3 Olympic medals when playing together.

    (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
  • Tony and Phil Esposito 6 of 17
    Tony and Phil Esposito
    Brothers Tony and Phil Esposito both have legendary hockey records: both are members of the Hockey Hall of Fame, both have won Stanley Cups. Younger brother Phil's first start in the NHL was against the Boston Bruins, then led by Phil. The game ended in a 2—2 tie, in which Phil scored both goals for Boston and Tony made 33 saves.

    (Autographed Photo available at Sports Blink, $129.99)
  • Terry, Tommy, and Jeff Bowden 7 of 17
    Terry, Tommy, and Jeff Bowden
    No one was surprised that Terry, Tommy, and Jeff Bowden went into college football coaching: it's the family business. Their dad Bobby Bowden, who retired in 2010, started coaching college football in 1954. Oldest brother Tommy Bowden coached college football from 1977 to 2008. Currently, Terry Bowden is head coach at the University of Akron, where youngest brother Jeff assists as Special Teams Coordinator.

    (Photo Credit:
  • Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux 8 of 17
    Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux
    Twins Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux, who played on boys' teams at the Pee-Wee level, were the first pair of twins to play Olympic women's hockey. They won silver medals as members of the 2010 Olympics US Women's Hockey Team. They played together for the University of Minnesota before returning to their home state to play for University of North Dakota in 2009, where the two forwards are in their senior year.

    (Photo Credit: Legendary North Dakota)
  • Tiki and Ronde Barber 9 of 17
    Tiki and Ronde Barber
    Besides being NFL stars, twins Tiki Barber and Ronde Barber have authored eight children's books together, my favorite of which is their first, By My Brother's Side. Both brothers played football for the University of Virginia. In 1997, Running Back Tiki was drafted by the New York Giants, who he played for until retirement in 2007. Ronde was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he is still plays as Cornerback/Free Safety. During the time they both played in the NFL, their respective teams played against each other five times; Ronde tackled his brother in at least four of those games. "On Sunday, he's just No. 21 wearing blue," Ronde told USA Today.

    (Photo Credit: YouTube)
  • B.J. and Justin Upton 10 of 17
    B.J. and Justin Upton
    After Justin played for the Arizona Diamondbacks for five years, and B.J. played for the Tampa Bay Rays for eight years, the two brothers were brought to the Atlanta Braves in 2012. Justin, 25, is an outfielder. B.J., 28, is a center fielder. The brothers are are the only two brothers in MLB history to be selected in the number one and two slot of the draft (in separate years). The Upton brothers are also the first brothers to make it into the 20—20 Club (both have hit 20 home runs and have 20 stolen bases in a season).

    (Photo Credit: BJ, Wikimedia Commons. Justin, Wikimedia Commons)
  • Hank and Tommie Aaron 11 of 17
    Hank and Tommie Aaron
    Speaking of brothers playing for the Atlanta Braves, it doesn't get more legendary than Tommie and Hank Aaron. They were the first siblings to appear together in a League Championship Series as teammates. Together, they hold the Major League Baseball record for most career homeruns hit by a pair of brothers: 768, of which older brother Hank hit 755).

    (Photo Credit: Baseball Wikia)
  • Cheryl and Reggie Miller 12 of 17
    Cheryl and Reggie Miller
    While they're not the only athletic members of the family (brother Darren played major league baseball and sister Tammy played volleyball for California State, Cheryl and Reggie Miller are without a doubt the most famous of the siblings. Both became college and professional basketball stars, but Reggie says his sister is so talented that he grew up in her shadow. In a 1995 interview, Reggie told a story about excitedly telling his sister that he had scored 39 points in one high school basketball game. The same night, Cheryl scored 105 points. Currently, both siblings work as sports reporters and commentators for TNT Sports.

    (Photo Credit: Cheryl, Hoopedia. Reggie, Wikimedia Commons)
  • Billy Ripken and Cal Ripken, Jr. 13 of 17
    Billy Ripken and Cal Ripken, Jr.
    When Billy Ripken debuted with the Baltimore Orioles in 1987, it marked the first time a father managed two sons in major league baseball. Think Cal Jr. and Billy got off easy with their manager dad, Cal Ripken, Sr.? Probably not: That year, Cal Sr. pulled Cal Jr. out of a game in the eighth inning, during a blow-out loss to the Toronoto Blue Jays, thus ending Cal Jr.'s streak of 8,243 consecutive innings.

    (Photo Credit: YouTube)
  • Shannon and Sterling Sharpe 14 of 17
    Shannon and Sterling Sharpe
    When Shannon Sharpe was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011, he honored his brother during his induction speech: "I'm the only player, of 267 men that have walked through this building to my left, that can honestly say this: I'm the only pro football player that's in the Hall of Fame, and I'm the second best player in my own family." The photos above are from that evening; Sterling's emotions are visible. Shannon also gave Sterling the first Super Bowl ring he won, after Sterling Sharpe's tenure at wide receiver was cut short by a neck injury suffered during the 1994 season, ending a career in which he was named an All-Pro five times.

    (Photo Credit: YouTube)
  • Candace and Anthony Parker 15 of 17
    Candace and Anthony Parker
    Candace Parker, a forward for WNBA team the Los Angeles Sparks, is the younger sister of retired NBA player Anthony Parker, who most recently played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. While in her sophomore year of high school, Candace she became the first female high-school player and only the fifth woman at any level to dunk a basketball in a sanctioned game. As a freshman at the University of Tennessee, Candace became the first woman to dunk in an NCAA tournament game and the first woman to dunk twice in a college game. In 2008, she also became only the second player to dunk in a WNBA game.

    (Photo Credit: Candace, Wikimedia Commons. Anthony, Wikimedia Commons)
  • Felipe, Matty, and Jesus Alou 16 of 17
    Felipe, Matty, and Jesus Alou
    Felipe Alou signed with the San Francisco Giants in 1955, followed by brothers, Matty in 1960, and Jesús in 1963. On Sept. 15, 1963, they became the first all-brother outfield. Felipe was a three-time All Star and 1994's National League Manager of the Year, and is the father of Moises Alou, whom he managed on the Giants in 2006. Matty was an All Star player twice, and Moises six times.

    (Photo Credit: Sports Encyclopedia)
  • Lisa and Bart Simpson 17 of 17
    Lisa and Bart Simpson
    Fine, they're fictional. But the scene where Homer yells, "I want to see you both fighting for your parents' love!" is the funniest moment of sibling sports in televised history.

    (Photo Credit: FOX/The Simpsons)

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