Florida Teacher Puts Dog Cones On Unruly Students

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One student had to wear the "cone of shame" for drinking soda in class.

In yet another case of public shaming as a means of punishment, a Florida high school teacher has been caught placing dog collars on unruly students.

Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp, 47, a science teacher at Zephyrhills High has been found “using a cone-shaped dog collar dubbed “the cone of shame” to punish misbehaving students after some teens posted photos on Facebook last month.”

She allegedly used the cone when her students were late or misbehaved in class, and is believed to have placed it on at least eight of her ninth-graders on two days last month. Prior to that, a few months back, she showed the students the Pixar movie “Up” in which the character, Dug the dog, is made to wear a collar as a punishment, and then she threatened the students with doing the same. In reality, dog collars are used to keep dogs or cats from licking their fresh wounds after surgery or injury. Ironically, Bailey-Cutkomp is a former veterinarian.

Here’s what one student had to say, as reported in the NY Daily News: “I was in second period. I was drinking soda, and she said, ‘Do I have to put the cone on you?’ I didn’t say anything and she put it on me.”

While a teacher should never publicly humiliate a student, ever, I also doubt that what she did will have any lasting effects on her students. The kids are teenagers, not Kindergartners.

Bailey-Cutkomp has been removed from the classroom and will have to wait to see if she will be fired or not, depending on the decision of the school board.

Image: Pasco County School District

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