Following Your Dreams Does Not Make You a Bad Mother (Video)

Following Your Dreams Doesn't Make You a Bad MomThere are a million things women with children can be judged for and subsequently (not to mention lamely) find themselves labeled a “bad mother.” If you’re always with your kids you’re overprotective. If you give your kids some freedom, you’re irresponsible. If you push them to study you’re a Tiger Mom. If you don’t believe in homework you’re lazy. If you don’t let your kids watch TV you’re uptight. If you let your kids watch TV you’re neglectful. There’s no way for mothers to win under the vengeful glare of sanctimommies, pundits and various other righteous onlookers, especially if you happen to be single.

But one single mother, comedian Kate Wolff, has decided to address this issue directly with a video response to those who have questioned her choice to quit teaching and follow her dreams of becoming a performer. (Check out Wolff’s sketches about quitting teaching and different types of parents.) Not only is Wolff spot on in this diatribe, her confidence while delivering it is a true inspiration. For all the crazy dreamers out there who feel they have a right to love their kids and their lives:

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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