For Reals: ‘50 Shades of Grey Inspired Onesies

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50 Shades of Grey inspired onesies are here, because the world needs those.

I, like millions of women, devoured the 50 Shades trilogy in record time. I found the cheesy inner goddess dialog reason alone to love the kinky series. And while good Grey times were had by all, I can’t think of one solid reason “Little Blips” should wear onesies advertising erotic fiction, 50 Shades baby boom or not.

If anything, Grey-inspired baby onesies seem more like the makings of an outrageous SNL sketch than anything actually created by consumer demand.

Check out these 50 Shades-inspired baby onesies after the jump and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

  • All mommy wanted… 1 of 13
    All mommy wanted...
    ...was a night with Mr. Grey and what, instead she got me? Way to make your precious baby out to be some sort of consolation prize.
    Available from Etsy's ExpressiveDesigns01, $14
  • Team Grey 2 of 13
    Team Grey
    No baby is Team Grey. How about Team Elmo or Team Adorable instead?
    Available from Etsy's ExpressiveDesigns01, $14
  • Grey Generation 3 of 13
    Grey Generation
    Let us guess, you named her Anastasia.
    Available from Etsy's Jilly's Mom Made That, $18
  • Laters, Baby! 4 of 13
    Laters, Baby!
    How about laters to these "50 Shades" onesies instead.
    Available from Etsy's Miss Phie's BOW-tique, $14
  • Courtesy of Mr. Grey 5 of 13
    Courtesy of Mr. Grey
    More like courtesy of the baby's daddy, but whatever.
    Available from Etsy's ExpressiveDesigns01, $14
  • 9 months ago… 6 of 13
    9 months ago... mom's inner goddess came out to play? Sweet Baby, you don't need to advertise such things.
    Available from Etsy's ExpressiveDesigns01, $14
  • Made from 50 Shades of Grey 7 of 13
    Made from 50 Shades of Grey
    How about made from love instead.
    Available from Etsy's Miss Phie's BOW-tique, $18.99
  • 50 Shades of Grumpy 8 of 13
    50 Shades of Grumpy
    Now this little wink to the Grey cultural phenomenon says cute rather than suggestive.
    Available from Etsy's ExpressiveDesigns01, $14
  • Thank you 50 Shades 9 of 13
    Thank you 50 Shades
    Lil Blip shouldn't be subjected to wearing a onesie thanking neckties, riding crops, silver balls, and handcuffs. Just sayin'.
    Available from Etsy's Miss Phie's BOW-tique, $18.99
  • Looking for Mr. Grey 10 of 13
    Looking for Mr. Grey
    Baby, you have no reason to be looking for Mr. Grey. None.
    Available from Etsy's ExpressiveDesigns01, $14
  • Looking for Ms. Steele 11 of 13
    Looking for Ms. Steele
    Baby, unless your mommy is Ms. Steele, you have no business looking for her either.
    Available from Etsy's ExpressiveDesigns01, $14
  • I’m a Fifty Shades Baby 12 of 13
    I'm a Fifty Shades Baby
    And your mommy ought to be 50 shades more discreet.
    Available from Etsy's Duv Designs, $12
  • 50 Shades Product 13 of 13
    50 Shades Product
    No Baby, you are so much more.
    Available from Etsy's Miss Phie's BOW-tique, $14.50

What do you think about “50 Shades” inspired baby onesies?

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