Forever Resentful Mother: For Anyone Who’s Ever Heard the Phrase, ‘Oh, So You Think I’m a Bad Mother?!’ (Images)

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If I had a nickel…

I was talking to a gal pal the other day about how we were raised. We’re the same age, and both of us came out of tough, blue collar environments. My friend said to me, “I don’t really talk to my mother about my childhood, because I don’t want to fight with her. But I think our experience is common among people of a certain age and socio-economic background. I don’t think my mother was doing anything different than what any of her friends were doing.”

“Ha!,” I said. “My mother uses that exact argument as a defense all the time.” My mother loves to explain away her behavior by saying things like, “We didn’t know any better, Carolyn.” That may be true, but it doesn’t do much to take away the sting of harsh words or physical abuse many in my generation experienced as children. You know what does alleviate that pain, though? Laughter.

I came across the “forever resentful mother” meme today and immediately recognized the echo of my past in it. Not only did I see my own mother in the jokes, but a bit of myself, too. After all, you don’t have to be an uncaring parent to throw yourself a little Mommy Pity Party every once in a while. To use the vernacular, this shit is hard, and one of the reasons I’m able to forgive my mother for the mistakes she made when I was a kid is because I know I will make mistakes with my own daughter. I mean, you know, really minute, insignificant ones that won’t have any lasting negative affect. Like recommending the wrong lip gloss. But still.

If your mother was passive-aggressive, made you feel guilty or was just stone cold, you’ll love these 15 hilarious “forever resentful” mothers. And if your mother was perfect, congratulations. Laugh anyway, you lucky bastard:


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