Forget The Kids: What Are YOU Doing This Halloween?

It seems that the push to extend the age limit on trick-or-treaters has gone over so well that now adults are taking Halloween back for themselves.

Every year parents ask themselves the question, what age is too old to go to trick-or-treating? 10, 11, 12? What about teens?

My general rule is that of the “kid” is taller than me and can drive, he should probably be buying his own candy. My own kids generally stopped trick-or-treating around 13 or 14 and now only my nine-year-old still heads out with a loot bag on Halloween night.

Not surprisingly, CNN reports that “71.5% of Americans are planning to celebrate Halloween this year, up from 52.5% in 2005, according to the country’s National Retail Federation (NRF).”

NRF spokeswoman Kathy Grannis explains:

A large portion of the growth is coming directly from adults who begin celebrating as early as a month prior to Halloween night. We are definitely seeing that it is no longer only a children’s holiday.

Like everything else, big business plays a big role. You’ve likely noticed just how many sexy Halloween costumes are in every store. Depending on certain stores in NYC, you’ll find the majority of the patrons are adults planning for adult parties.

I sort of remember doing the same years ago before I had kids but honestly once I had to take little ones out and plan their social schedules for the day, my own Halloween fun took a definite backseat. In fact, come to think of it, this actually has my only Halloween fun in recent years: fussing around with small hands and uncooperative costumes, marching toddlers up and down front steps while navigating their footwear, traipsing around the neighborhood time and time again, and then settling back at home with exhausted tots while checking candy and setting up baths.

There are probably a bunch of fun-loving moms who do both:plan entertainment for the kids and then devote a weekend night to their own party fun. I just haven’t been able to pull that off. How about you? Do you have an adult party on Halloween or is it strictly about the children? Should it be?

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