Free Condoms for 12-year-olds? One School District Says Yes

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Is distributing free condoms giving a thumbs up to teen (and preteen) sex?

Would you be okay with your 12-year-old having access to condoms… for free… at school?

One school in Massachusetts has just come closer to reaching final approval for a plan to hand out free condoms to preteens at their school and they are just one vote away from it becoming a done deal. According the the New York Daily News, the plan would allow for condoms to be available from the school nurses. Students who asked for condoms would receive sex-ed counseling from school health officials, as well as instructions on how to use them effectively.

School officials say they are desperately trying to cut down on the rates of STDs and pregnancy. Let’s not forget that along with STDs, AIDS still plays a big role when teens (or adults) engage in unprotected sex.

It sounds pretty beneficial on all counts. Any parents who do not feel comfortable with the plan can request that their child be barred from having access to the condoms, so it’s not compulsory. Whether certain parents opt out of the plan or not is up to them, but I think it sends a good message to the students that using condoms is the right thing to do if they are going to be sexually active. By utilizing the distribution program, the school is maintaining that contraception is vital and not turning a blind eye to the fact that teens are already active. While some equate the school’s policy with condoning teen sex, I think it gives the teens more options. Isn’t the goal of education to supply kids with knowledge they need to live successfully and securely in this world?

Just one more vote is needed before the policy becomes final in the school district.

What do you think? Would you allow your preteen access to free condoms? Is this school board making the right decision? Do you feel it is a parent’s responsibility to supply sex education, not the school? And what about all those kids whose parents don’t discuss sex ed with them?

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