Frosty Gone Wild! 16 Hilarious Yet Disturbing Snowmen

Serial chiller

Frosty the Snowman might have been a jolly happy soul, but the same can’t necessarily be said for his snowmen brethren.

If you’ve always thought of all snowmen as sweet little piles of white balls that happily occupy your front lawn with whimsical scarves tied around their necks and root vegetables in place of noses, it’s time to think again.

Check out these 16 hilarious, if not a little disturbing, snowmen (courtesy of You’ll never look at Frosty the same way again.



  • Quentin Tarantin-snow 1 of 16
    Quentin Tarantin-snow
    Pulp Fiction, Part Deux
  • I Snow What You Did Last Winter 2 of 16
    I Snow What You Did Last Winter
    Now all it needs are 8 sequels.
  • Slush Life 3 of 16
    Slush Life
    Oh, the irony.
  • Sacrif-ice 4 of 16
  • Icy You 5 of 16
    Icy You
    This might scare me so much I'd have to move.
  • Snowming the Merciless 6 of 16
    Snowming the Merciless
    Another yikes.
  • Growman 7 of 16
    Holy crap. That just scared the crap out of me. And I'm not even looking at it from inside my bedroom window.
  • image-252 8 of 16
    Someone has a lot of time on his hands. (Yes, I'm sure it was a guy who did this one.)
  • The Stranger 9 of 16
    The Stranger
    Would you sit next to him?
  • Clinicold Depression 10 of 16
    Clinicold Depression
    (Cue the eerie violin music.)
  • Dirty Cold Man 11 of 16
    Dirty Cold Man
    It's OK to laugh at this one. Really.
  • Frozen in Fear 12 of 16
    Frozen in Fear
    Yep. Another yikes.
  • A December to Dismember 13 of 16
    A December to Dismember
    A possible new image for the next Lexus campaign? That is, if the leather seats can withstand the snow. You know, and the blood.
  • Bloody Stumped 14 of 16
    Bloody Stumped
    I'm stumped, too. Or at a loss for words.
  • Snow Trespassing 15 of 16
    Snow Trespassing
    Signs, sign, everywhere there's signs.
  • Serial Chiller 16 of 16
    Serial Chiller
    Admit it: You actually got chills looking at this one, right?

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