Full-Day vs. Half-Day Kindergarten

My youngest son starts kindergarten next month just as our school district has decided to implement full-day kindergarten for the first time. I’ve never felt like my kids needed preschool, so kindergarten is the big milestone in our house. Around here it’s always been half-day and that seemed just right.

I happened to bump into the school secretary today and we got to chatting about registering Grayson for kindergarten. She said I’d need to choose between full-day or half-day, with full-day costing about triple what half-day will be. I immediately said he’d do half-day (of course!), and noted the surprise on her face. She said that almost everyone is choosing full-day, and we might have to provide our own transportation if we choose half-day. Instruction will take place in the morning, and arts & crafts will be in the afternoon.

I like arts & crafts. I don’t want him missing out! He’d probably love going to school all day with his brothers… full-day is starting to sound a whole lot better to me. It’s just that all my life, people go to kindergarten for half the day. If my oldest son had been required to go all-day when he was that age I probably would have home schooled him. It’s possible that he could have been ready but would I have been ready? Probably not.

But now, I’m thinking how nice it would be to not have the day broken up by half-day kindergarten. Gray does have the later birthday so he will be one of the oldest in his class. I do think he will be “ready” and maybe so will I. With three kids in school all-day, I can hopefully get so much more done and go a lot more places with my two-year-old daughter. It might be just what we need to get into a decent routine. It could be totally awesome. I think I might actually be in love with full-day kindergarten.

Will your kids go to full- or half-day? Which do you prefer, and why?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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