Fun with Tampons! 15 Crafty Ways to Use the Archetypal Feminine Hygiene Product (PHOTOS)

Tampon Craft Ghost
When cuddly and blood-curdling collide

There’s no question that there’s a season for tampons. For most women, that season is once a month.

Thank God, however, that the geniuses at discovered that tampons need not be restricted to that time of the month, nor vaginas. Tampons are finally having their moment. Jewish, Christian, bald, impotent: There’s a tampon craft for you! Yes, you!

No, seriously, there’s really a tampon craft for almost every occasion, plus a few tampon crafts just because.

It’s genius. Check it out (you’re welcome):

  • Thanksgiving Turkey 1 of 14
    Thanksgiving Turkey
    A turkey out of the (tampon) box to join the stuffing out of the box. It'll give new meaning to "all the trimmings."
  • Menorah 2 of 14
    A festival of hygiene products.
  • Angel 3 of 14
    Hark the tampon angel sing.
  • Nativity Scene 4 of 14
    Nativity Scene
    A new and different meaning of Christmas.
  • Christmas Lights 5 of 14
    Christmas Lights
    Eliminate the electrical hazards with these tampon string lights.
    (But to be on the safe side, you should probably still beware of Toxic Shock Syndrome.)
  • New Year’s Ball 6 of 14
    New Year's Ball
  • Snowflake 7 of 14
    A little sparkle for the cold, dark winter.
  • Valentine Bouquet 8 of 14
    Valentine Bouquet
    Yet another way to say "I love you." Actually, on second thought, it's totally not.
  • Heart Earrings 9 of 14
    Heart Earrings
    When wearing your heart on your sleeve seems so passé.
  • Easter Bunny 10 of 14
    Easter Bunny
    Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down with a tampon tail.
  • Blowgun 11 of 14
    Go ahead, punk: Mention that she's PMS'ing one more time.
  • iTampon 12 of 14
    Move over, iPad. Two feminine hygiene products can play at this game.
  • Toupée 13 of 14
    If tampons and Just for Men mated.
  • Viagara Cufflinks 14 of 14
    Viagara Cufflinks
    You'd think Viagara and tampons would probably cancel out each other's needs/purposes.
    (You'd probably be right.)

All photos from Visit the site for step-by-step directions on how to make all of the tampon crafts pictured above.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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