Gah! 15 of the Cutest Babies Dressed as Santa, Rudolph and More! (Photos)

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My daughter as a reindeer, Christmas 2009.

I wasn’t quite ready for Christmas this year, but I’ve been trying to do things to get myself into the holiday spirit. Last night I put a wreath and some garland on the front door, and tonight my daughter and I will put up our mini-tree and some lights. I should try to find my favorite old Christmas CD of Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Dean Martin – that always puts me in the mood! (You hear that, Santa Baby?)

But speaking of Santa and babies… If, like me, you’ve been having trouble feeling festive this year, look no further. I scoured Flickr for you and found the 15 most adorable photos of babies dressed as Santa, his elves, Rudolph and even an angel, replete with fuzzy halo and wings. I swear to God looking at these photos will warm your heart and have you geeking out. Wait’ll you see the Santa with glasses! Ah!

  • Ballerina Santa 1 of 15
    Ballerina Santa
    Tutu!!!!! OMG I love it so much... those eyes!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Reindeer Games 2 of 15
    Reindeer Games
    Looks like this reindeer really knows how to fly!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Skirt Santa 3 of 15
    Skirt Santa
    Love the dress, Santa! Very chic.
    Photo via Flickr
  • It’s a baby with a beard! 4 of 15
    It's a baby with a beard!
    Be careful, this Santa's probably not strong enough to have you on his lap.
    Photo via Flickr
  • Sleepy Santa 5 of 15
    Sleepy Santa
    This one reminds me so much of my daughter when she was a baby. Aww...
    Photo via Flickr
  • Santa with Specs! 6 of 15
    Santa with Specs!
    Dying. Guhdorable!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Ornamental Santa 7 of 15
    Ornamental Santa
    Uhhhh... can someone say choking hazard? Still, adorable.
    Photo via Flickr
  • Disney Santa 8 of 15
    Disney Santa
    Merry Christmas, Mickey Mouse!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 9 of 15
    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight.
    Photo via Flickr
  • Furry Santa 10 of 15
    Furry Santa
    OMGOMGOMGOMG look at this hairy little bundle of joy! (The technical term for that adorable peach fuzz, by the way, is "lanugo." Remember that from your baby books?)
    Photo via Flickr
  • Twice as Nice! 11 of 15
    Twice as Nice!
    Big bro/little bro Santa combo for the cuteness win!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Santa and His Helper! 12 of 15
    Santa and His Helper!
    Mad props to families that can plan costuming like this. You're definitely on the "nice" list!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Santa and Rudolph 13 of 15
    Santa and Rudolph
    P.S. - Nice photoshop work, Mom and Dad!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Newborn Elf 14 of 15
    Newborn Elf
    So cute. Love the hat!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Christmas Angel 15 of 15
    Christmas Angel
    She's so cute I want to put her on top of the tree!
    Photo via Flickr

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